Saved Plan Views, Layers & Annotations

Build your process with Layers, Annotations, and Saved Plan Views.

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6:28 Understanding Layers

Understanding Layers

Layers and layersets can help declutter a plan without deleting the information.

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6:18 Understanding Layer Sets

Understanding Layer Sets

Each Layer Set contains the same group of layers, all the individual layers created in a plan; and each layer set can show, hide and display those layers uniquely.

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11:13 Understanding Default Sets

Understanding Default Sets

Default Sets allow you to change many defaults at once: Dimensions, Text, Rich Text, Callouts, Markers, Revision Clouds, Notes, CAD and Arrows. When you combine Default Sets with Saved Plan Views you improve your productivity as you create your construction drawings since you can control both Layer Sets and all of your Default Settings.

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15:17 Saved Plan Views

Saved Plan Views

Saved Plan Views allows you to control Layer Sets, Defaults, Default Sets, current CAD Layer and Reference Displays. Using Saved Plan Views allows you to open multiple 2D plan views simultaneously, save the floor and zoom information and control the display of pony walls associated with the view.

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5:40 Controlling What Displays in 3D

Controlling What Displays in 3D

Like floor plan view, what displays in 3D views is determined by the active layer set.

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5:38 Using the Reference Display

Using the Reference Display

Turning on the Reference Display allows you to see objects on a floor below or above the one you are working on.

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4:08 Active Layer Display Options Side Window

Active Layer Display Options Side Window

Control layer display and properties for all your views with this side window.

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