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Layout Templates, Construction Documents & What's Coming Next

In this session, we'll look at how to set up and optimize a layout template for your construction documents. And, the best options when sending a plan, elevation, schedule, or CAD detail to a layout.

Video No. 10237



CAD Tools for Productivity & What's Coming Next

The CAD tools in Chief Architect can help improve your efficiency and productivity. This session will cover the basics and the more powerful CAD tools to aid in your design process. We'll use the CAD tools and apply them in the design process so you can see practical applications, how they work, and how you can take advantage of the power they offer.

Video No. 10236



Interior Dimensions for Plans, Elevations & What's Coming Next

Learn the best practices for creating interior dimensions for your plan and elevations. How to use the automatic and manual dimension tools and setting up dimension defaults. We'll look at the difference between the wall elevation and cross‑section cameras and how to best use these views.

Video No. 10235



Space Planning Tools, Room Types & What's Coming Next

This session will cover space planning best practices for design layout in Chief Architect. We will explore the power of room types and why they are important. Learn how to edit and use room types to control room labels, structure settings, and living area calculations. See a sneak peek of related features coming in X13.

Video No. 10234



Customizing Cabinets & What's Coming Next

Chief Architect's parametric cabinets can be customized for inset, framed, or full overlay construction along with a wide variety of cabinet configurations such as drawer base, utility cabinets, and cabinet pull outs. Learn how to insert appliances, sinks, fixtures, end panels, moldings, and more. Whether you are designing with manufacturer or custom cabinets, this seminar will cover how to configure cabinets to meet your design needs. We will also cover new cabinet features coming in X13.

Video No. 10233



Schedules & What's Coming Next

Join us for an in‑depth look at using schedules in Chief Architect. Learn how to configure schedules for cabinets, doors, and windows. We will cover how to add and remove categories, customizing the display and order of columns and creating multiple schedules for specific categories. See a sneak peek of what's coming next for schedules in X13.

Video No. 10232



Wall Framing & What's Coming Next

In this session, we'll look at how to set up and optimize the automatic framing settings to fit your building techniques. For structured or engineered walls, we'll cover the manual framing tools. And, best practices for wall details, sections, and framing takeoffs.

Video No. 10231

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