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Dormers: Floating, Structural & Roof Style Options

Dormers can add a lot of character and charm to the home's overall appearance. They can be a great way to add additional living space. This session will explore the different types of dormers you can create and how the roof and walls need to be positioned.

Video No. 10249



Roofs: 1.5 Story, Multiple Roof Pitches

Story and a half roofs can be a great way to take advantage of creating additional living space in attics. The 1.5 story roofs have been a very popular style in the US northeast and are gaining popularity as more people remodel. Learn the steps to create these roofs and multiple pitch roofs to vary the roofline.

Video No. 10248



Roofs: Shed, Barrel, Dutch Gable, and Parapet

The roof can dramatically change the look of a house with pitch, style, and shape. This session will look at creating the popular shed and barrel roof style. Then, creating the dutch gable, half hip, and parapet roof popular with light commercial buildings.

Video No. 10247



Roof Tips and Tricks

Roofs can be one of the more complex components of a house – designing them should not be. We’ll review how Chief Architect’s roof tools can create any style of roof. If you are adjusting or manually creating roofs, especially for remodel projects, projecting the roof intersection points can save you a lot of time. In this session, we will look at the tips and techniques to save time to create the perfect roof.

Video No. 10202



Stair Details & Cross-sections For Headroom

Building codes require headroom clearance and landing spaces for stairs. Learn how to quickly create a cross‑section and dimension for your construction drawings. In addition, you may need to show stair details in a floor plan view. This session will help with time‑saving tips for your stair details.

Video No. 10246



Stairs & Ramps for Exteriors & Decks

Ramps may be required to create an accessible design. Learn how to use the ramp tool for various conditions for an exterior entry. For decks and patios, we'll explore how to set up your defaults and join stairs for outdoor living spaces.

Video No. 10245



Stairs: L, U, Winder & Multiple Segment Stairs

L and U‑shaped stairs can be space savers or add character to your designs. This session will explore using multiple segment stairs using the automatic and manual stair tools. Learn how to create winder-style stairs that extend to the wall or split the treads.

Video No. 10244



Stair Basics for Straight & Curved Stairs

Review the best practices for using the interior stair tool and how to define various stair characteristics. Learn how to place straight and curved stairs, define the attributes for the treads, risers, railings, and other settings to customize stairs.

Video No. 10243



Creating Custom Schedules & What's Coming Next

Schedules are commonly used for doors, windows, and cabinets. Learn the best practices on creating schedules and customizing them for specific items — like moldings for a plan or a specific room. Save your schedules in a template plan, so you have them ready to go for all your projects!

Video No. 10242

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