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Chief Architect Quick Tip - Caesarstone Table

Polyline Solids are easy to use 3D modeling tools that can allow you to design custom items, including furniture pieces. Learn how to use these tools, along with CAD editing, to create a coffee table and then convert the design into a Furniture symbol. Save it to your Library Catalog for reuse later.

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Design Wainscoting for Walls and Stairways

Use 3D molding polylines and polyline solids to model custom recessed and raised panel wainscoting.

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Sun Angle Quick Tip

Add sunlight streaming through your windows in your render and ray traced views using the sun angle tools.

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User Group Meeting 2017

Once every two years, Chief Architect hosts a Chief Academy in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho (Chief Architect headquarters). The event includes a 1-day User Group Meeting with in-depth seminars on specific topics followed by a 2-day Training Class from Introductory to Advanced. For 2017, we had a selection of power users that presented a number of topics at the User Group Meeting to help you learn from their best practices. This playlist contains their videos for the event.

Video No. 142

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