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Video No. 173



Remodeling: How to Generate As-Built Overlays in 2D & 3D

As‑built overlays may be required for building permits and can be helpful for the construction crew. In this session, we will look at the process to create as‑built overlays you can use in 2D and 3D.

Video No. 10211



Material Properties: How to Import, Set the Pattern & Visualize in 3D

Material Properties are the key to creating great‑looking 3D renderings. In this session, we will review the material property settings you can use for both 3D and 2D line drawings.

Video No. 10210



Kitchen Islands: Making the "Social Island"

The Kitchen Islands seminar will use the "Social Island" project to demonstrate some of the more unique design tools available in Chief Architect. Starting with a basic kitchen island, we will transform it into a Social Island large enough for social distancing.

Video No. 10209



3D Walkthroughs: How to Make Great Virtual Tours

3D Walkthroughs are the perfect way to animate and make your home designs come to life. You can share these virtual tours with your clients or post them on your website and social media. Virtual tour videos are a great way to help your clients visualize your designs and showcase your work.

Video No. 10208



3D Viewer: Creating Interactive Models for Your Clients

3D Viewer models are interactive virtual reality models you can export from your Chief Architect designs. These models can be viewed on mobile devices (phones/tablets) and are a great way to help your clients or subcontractors visualize your designs.

Video No. 10207



Ray Trace Rendering: How to Get Started

Chief Architect's standard 3D rendering is fine for many circumstances, but Ray Trace rendering can take it to the next level, creating more photo‑realistic images.

Video No. 10206



3D Rendering: Tips and Tricks

From new construction to remodel projects, 3D rendering can make a big difference on how clients judge your work. In this live session, we will cover the following outline and take questions about the process from the audience in order to help you get the most out of Chief Architect's 3D rendering tools. Presented by Kayla Lockhart, AKBD.

Video No. 10205



Terrain and Site Plans: Learn the Basics

Showing a house with terrain in 3D can help the client better understand and visualize the project. Site plans are necessary for building permits. In this demonstration, learn how to use Chief Architect’s terrain tools for 3D Visualization and site plans.

Video No. 10204

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