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Remodeling / As-Built Overlays

How can you show what a new remodel project will look like to the client or building department? In this session, we will cover the process of how to overlay an as-built floor plan over a remodel floor plan and how to do the same overlay in 3D and elevation views. If you can help the homeowner see what the remodel will look like, the decision process can be streamlined and reduce stress for your clients. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10266



Bath Design

Bath design can be particularly challenging for a clean set of dimensions when it involves small spaces with additional rooms like showers and water closets. In this session, we’ll review tips on how to create a clean set of dimensions for the plan and elevations. And then, we will cover materials, finishes, schedules, and key notes. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10265



Kitchen Design Part 1 - Floor Plan & Cabinet Layout

Kitchen design typically begins with the floor plan and dimensions followed by the cabinet layout. In this session, the floor plan will be dimensioned using the automatic tools and then modified using the manual tools. Key appliances will be initially placed so the cabinets can be positioned around these anchor points. Custom backsplashes will be added including a frame backsplash above the cook range. Learn techniques to efficiently begin the kitchen design in this session. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10263



Kitchen Design Part 2 - Elevations, Dimensions & Islands

Part 2 of the kitchen design session will place two islands and add the details typically required for a plan set. For a wall elevation, dimensions will be automatically added and modified to follow NKBA standards along with annotations for notes and other details. This kitchen will have two islands that will be placed, customized and dimensioned. Learn how to efficiently create details for kitchen designs in this session. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10264



Elevations & Cross Sections

This session will cover exterior elevations, story pole dimensions, cross-section views, key notes, and construction lines. Learn about the tools and settings that streamline workflow and improve efficiencies when creating elevations and cross-sections. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10262



Floor & Roof Framing

This session will cover floor and roof framing. The majority of the time will focus on floor framing – reviewing platform thickness, a hung floor platform, placing beams, joist types and direction. The roof framing segment will cover the process for stick framing and a few special conditions for exposed rafters. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10261



Wall Framing

Wall framing can be done automatically or manually. Framing defaults and openings for doors and windows help guide the program as it generates the framing. Manual framing tools are available for adding or customizing your framing. Once the framing is completed, you can generate a materials list to assist with purchasing or cost estimating. Learn about these wall framing techniques in this session. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10260



Ceilings — Vault, Shed, Trey & A Reflected Plan

Ceilings can add a unique look and design for a room. Going beyond flat, we will review trey, vault, shed and ceiling height options. Soffits and lighting will be used for depth and interest on an otherwise flat ceiling. Finally, we'll create a saved plan view for the purpose of generating a reflected ceiling plan. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10258



Roofs — Styles, Options & Details

Chief Architect can create just about any roof style you can imagine. In this session, we will review several roof options for the project, setup the defaults and then finalize one of the styles to best match the design criteria for the project. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10257



Foundations – Crawl, Basement, Slab, Mixed

Foundations in Chief Architect are typically created after the first floor has been determined. The program provides options for several different foundation types depending on the design. We will review the foundation options in this session and then create a specific saved plan view with defaults settings to make the process efficient. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10256



Doors & Windows - Schedules & Dimensions

For doors and windows, we will review the default settings to be efficient before they are placed in the plan. For stacked windows over doors or other windows, we will look at the best practice for placement. Once all the openings are placed, the plan dimensions will be updated and the schedules will be created. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10255



Massing & Conceptualization

Once you complete the space planning or have a rough idea, it's time to create a conceptual floor plan and roof to visualize the design. And, before you spend too much time on the "perfect" floor plan, you will want to see the idea in 3D, including the roof since both the walls and roof are important for massing size and symmetry. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10254



New Plan Tips & Space Planning

When you start a new plan for a client, what's the most efficient technique for the file creation and setting defaults before you begin? Now that you're ready to design, is it better to draw in the walls or bubble diagram for space planning? In this session, we will look at the tips and techniques to save time as we begin a new project. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10253



Rendering Techniques & Best Practices — Vector, Watercolor, Clay, Others

Chief Architect offers nine different rendering techniques that range from artistic to realistic. In this session, we'll review the various techniques and how to adjust the settings. With the new clay rendering technique, we'll explore the different options to create unique render views absent of specific materials — allowing you to focus on the space and not material selections. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10252



Real-Time Ray Tracing — Setup & Optimization

3D rendering is what most clients want and need to visualize your designs, right? This session will cover how to create the best possible renderings with real‑time ray tracing. With a completely new rendering engine in Chief Architect X13, you can get photo-realistic results in seconds. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10251



Dormers: Floating, Structural & Roof Style Options

Dormers can add a lot of character and charm to the home's overall appearance. They can be a great way to add additional living space. This session will explore the different types of dormers you can create and how the roof and walls need to be positioned. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10249



Roofs: 1.5 Story, Multiple Roof Pitches

Story and a half roofs can be a great way to take advantage of creating additional living space in attics. The 1.5 story roofs have been a very popular style in the US northeast and are gaining popularity as more people remodel. Learn the steps to create these roofs and multiple pitch roofs to vary the roofline. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10248



Roofs: Shed, Barrel, Dutch Gable, and Parapet

The roof can dramatically change the look of a house with pitch, style, and shape. This session will look at creating the popular shed and barrel roof style. Then, creating the dutch gable, half hip, and parapet roof popular with light commercial buildings. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10247



Stair Details & Cross-sections For Headroom

Building codes require headroom clearance and landing spaces for stairs. Learn how to quickly create a cross‑section and dimension for your construction drawings. In addition, you may need to show stair details in a floor plan view. This session will help with time‑saving tips for your stair details. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10246



Stairs & Ramps for Exteriors & Decks

Ramps may be required to create an accessible design. Learn how to use the ramp tool for various conditions for an exterior entry. For decks and patios, we'll explore how to set up your defaults and join stairs for outdoor living spaces. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10245



Stairs: L, U, Winder & Multiple Segment Stairs

L and U‑shaped stairs can be space savers or add character to your designs. This session will explore using multiple segment stairs using the automatic and manual stair tools. Learn how to create winder-style stairs that extend to the wall or split the treads. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10244



Stair Basics for Straight & Curved Stairs

Review the best practices for using the interior stair tool and how to define various stair characteristics. Learn how to place straight and curved stairs, define the attributes for the treads, risers, railings, and other settings to customize stairs. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10243



Creating Custom Schedules & What's Coming Next

Schedules are commonly used for doors, windows, and cabinets. Learn the best practices on creating schedules and customizing them for specific items — like moldings for a plan or a specific room. Save your schedules in a template plan, so you have them ready to go for all your projects! [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10242



Trey and Custom Shaped Ceilings & What's Coming Next

Ceilings can greatly change the look and feel of a room. This session will review the automatic and manual trey ceiling tools to create unique and custom ceilings. Finally, we'll cover creating a ceiling plan for your layout and construction documents. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10241



Managing Files: Locally and on the Cloud

File management is an important task in managing your work process. Maximize your file and content management workflows to be more efficient when working across more than one computer or with multiple staff members. Knowing how to use the archive folder and backups can help when you have computer issues. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10240



Automatic Dimensions, Configuring for Exteriors & What's Coming Next

Automatic dimensions can save you time in dimensioning plans and elevations. In this session learn the best practices for configuring the automatic exterior and story pole dimension tools and saving the dimension settings to your template plan. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10239



360 Renderings

360 renderings offer a more expansive view and can better help your clients visualize the entire space. These panoramic renderings can be a great way to interact with clients when social distancing limits in‑person meetings. Learn how to position your camera, export the file, and share with your clients or place on your website. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10238



Layout Templates, Construction Documents & What's Coming Next

In this session, we'll look at how to set up and optimize a layout template for your construction documents. And, the best options when sending a plan, elevation, schedule, or CAD detail to a layout. [NKBA .1 CEU] The template mentioned can be found here: https://chieftalk.chiefarchitect.com/topic/29045-free-webinar-layouts-and-construction-documents/

Video No. 10237



CAD Tools for Productivity & What's Coming Next

The CAD tools in Chief Architect can help improve your efficiency and productivity. This session will cover the basics and the more powerful CAD tools to aid in your design process. We'll use the CAD tools and apply them in the design process so you can see practical applications, how they work, and how you can take advantage of the power they offer. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10236



Interior Dimensions for Plans, Elevations & What's Coming Next

Learn the best practices for creating interior dimensions for your plan and elevations. How to use the automatic and manual dimension tools and setting up dimension defaults. We'll look at the difference between the wall elevation and cross‑section cameras and how to best use these views. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10235



Space Planning Tools, Room Types & What's Coming Next

This session will cover space planning best practices for design layout in Chief Architect. We will explore the power of room types and why they are important. Learn how to edit and use room types to control room labels, structure settings, and living area calculations. See a sneak peek of related features coming in X13. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10234



Customizing Cabinets & What's Coming Next

Chief Architect's parametric cabinets can be customized for inset, framed, or full overlay construction along with a wide variety of cabinet configurations such as drawer base, utility cabinets, and cabinet pull outs. Learn how to insert appliances, sinks, fixtures, end panels, moldings, and more. Whether you are designing with manufacturer or custom cabinets, this seminar will cover how to configure cabinets to meet your design needs. We will also cover new cabinet features coming in X13. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10233



Schedules & What's Coming Next

Join us for an in‑depth look at using schedules in Chief Architect. Learn how to configure schedules for cabinets, doors, and windows. We will cover how to add and remove categories, customizing the display and order of columns and creating multiple schedules for specific categories. See a sneak peek of what's coming next for schedules in X13. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10232



Wall Framing & What's Coming Next

In this session, we'll look at how to set up and optimize the automatic framing settings to fit your building techniques. For structured or engineered walls, we'll cover the manual framing tools. And, best practices for wall details, sections, and framing takeoffs. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10231



Roof & Truss Framing

In Chief Architect, roof framing is directly related to the way you build your roof and the roof's properties. Many roofs today are truss framed and designed by a third party. You may want to quickly build the roof's framing to create a 3D view; but, what if you need to show a section of a house with a specifically engineered truss? We'll discuss these and other roof framing details in this session. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10230



Floor Framing

The importance of floor framing is a function of your structural platform settings. A platform's height is not only important for framing members it can also impact your elevations. Learn about the various floor framing techniques and best practices in this session. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10229



3D Rendering & What's Coming Next

3D rendering is what most clients want and need to visualize your designs. This session will cover how to create the best possible renderings in the shortest amount of time. Chief Architect is completely replacing its rendering engine in its next generation and you can see the new improvements first hand. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10228



2D Elevations & What's Coming Next

2D elevations help provide detailed information with annotations and dimensions. Learn tips on creating exterior and interior elevations. We will also have a peek into how Chief Architect is improving these tools for its next release. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10227



Materials: Patterns, 3D Visualization & What's Coming Next

Great looking 3D renderings and 2D elevations start with your material settings. In this session, we will review how to customize your materials to get the effect you want in perspective and orthographic views. Also learn about how Chief Architect is improving these tools in an upcoming version. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10226



3D Walkthroughs & What's Coming Next

Creating a 3D walkthrough is a great way to help clients visualize designs and to display your portfolio on your website or social media. Learn the basics on how to create 3D walkthroughs as well as get a sneak peek into how Chief Architect is improving this tool to be even more interactive. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10224



Kitchen Lighting & Electrical Plans

This course focuses on placing electrical components in order to create an Electrical plan with an Electrical Legend, as well as customizing lighting for 3D renderings. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10223



Kitchen Islands & Custom Countertops

In this session, we'll explore the process of creating kitchen islands using cabinets and custom countertops, and how to save groups of objects to your library. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10222



Kitchen Cabinets: How Cabinets Work & Wall Elevation Dimensions

Focusing on base, wall, and full‑height cabinets, this course explains how to create and customize cabinets, as well as creating detailed wall elevations. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10221



Kitchen Remodeling: Creating Dimensioned Floor Plans

Explore the process of remodeling a kitchen, creating detailed floor plan dimensions, and sending a plan view to a layout page to create construction documents. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10220



Closets: Designing, Placing Cabinets & Dimensioning

Closets are an integral part of any en suite. In this session, we will focus on the process of designing closets and some tips for customizing these small spaces. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10219



Showers: Design, Dimensions & Tile Details

Bathroom showers come in a variety of styles. In this session, we will look at how to model several common types of showers, as well as create details and presentation views. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10218



Bath Cabinets & Vanities: How Cabinets Work, Creating Custom Vanities & Dimensioning Wall Elevations

Chief Architect's Cabinet tools are quite versatile and each cabinet can be customized in many ways. In this session we will focus on using these tools to create unique bathroom vanities. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10217



Bath Floor Plans: Importing an As-Built Plan Image, Tracing & Dimensioning

Using an existing as‑built image file can save some time. In this session, we will look at creating an accurate as‑built floor plan from an image and then redesigning it. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10216



Bathroom Remodeling: Designing & 3D Visualization

This bath remodel session begins with the as-built plan and transforms the space into a large en-suite bathroom. We will review the as-built overlay in 2D and 3D and use the Chief Architect design tools for the new bath. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10214



Kitchen Remodeling: Designing & 3D Visualization

This kitchen remodeling session begins with the as‑built plan and transforms the space into a large open kitchen for the client. We will review the as-built overlay in 2D and 3D and use Chief Architect's design tools for the new kitchen. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10213



3D Rendering: Tips and Tricks

From new construction to remodel projects, 3D rendering can make a big difference on how clients judge your work. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10205



Productivity Tips: Saved Plan Views

One of the most productive tools you can use for construction drawings is Saved Plan Views. Learn how they work, how they interact with Layer and Default Sets, and how you can use them to significantly improve your workflow. In this live session, we will take questions about the process from the audience. Presented by Scott Harris, CKBD. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10199



Dimensioning Techniques

Join Adrean as she steps through the process of dimensioning and annotating a kitchen design. In this live session, we will take questions about the process from the audience. Presented by Adrean Stephenson, AKBD. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10198



Productivity Tips

Discover some of the most popular productivity features in Chief Architect, and how you can use them to become more efficient with the software. In this live session, we will take questions about the process from the audience. Presented by Scott Harris, CKBD. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 10197



Kitchen Demo


Video No. 10161



Owner's Wing for the Bachelor View Project

Owner's Wing Remodel. New addition for the bathroom. Converting a bedroom into an office. Creating a Trey Ceiling for an office. Vaulting the bedroom ceiling with new post and beam windows. Roof options for the remodel. Framing the new additional and calculating the Materials List for the remodel. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 119



Kitchen Remodel for the Bachelor View Project

Bachelor View Kitchen Remodel. Vaulting the ceiling. Adding large post and beam windows. New cabinets and wall elevation details. Creating client options using the Style Palette. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 118



Kitchen Remodeling - Lake Point Project

Kitchen Remodeling –3D as-built overlay, demolition walls, new walls, floor plan, dimensions, wall elevations, showing material options, export 360 renders and 3D Viewer files. [NKBA .1 CEU]

Video No. 6187



Owner's Bath Remodeling - Lake Point Project

[NKBA .1 CEU] Owner's bath Remodeling – as-built, demolition walls, new walls, floor plan, dimensions, wall elevations, cabinet vanities, led strip light

Video No. 6186


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Accessible Kitchen & Bath Project

[NKBA .1 CEU] In this series, a kitchen is designed following the National Kitchen and Bath Association's accessibility guidelines.

Video No. 154

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