Chief Architect X9

Chief Architect X9 runs on both Mac & PC. Regardless of whether you have Windows or Mac, you can run Chief Architect on either platform natively with a single license (so you don't need two separate copies).

When you purchase or upgrade to Chief Architect, remember you get free upgrades for the first year - it's included with our Support and Software Assurance (SSA).

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Chief Architect X9 New Features Summary

Detailed Features List (pdf)
New normal map and copy camera options

Rendering & Ray Tracing

Rendering in X9 Is Significantly Faster with Improved Quality. Look for speed improvements with shadows on, Watercolor and Line Drawing.

Improvements to Rendering Options. New render options for Ambient Occlusion, Bloom, Bump Maps and Normal Maps.

Copy and Paste Perspective Cameras Between Plans. If you are creating two design options, this is a way to replicate angle and direction for saved camera views.

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Grandview living room 360° panorama Grandview kitchen 360° panorama Grandview master bath 360° panorama Wine cellar 360° panorama Breckenridge kitchen 360° panorama Breckenridge master bedroom 360° panorama

Render 360° Panoramas

360° Panoramic Rendering and Ray Tracing. Export 360° panoramas to the cloud. Embed on your website or share with your clients via e-mail.

View 360° Images. Use Chief VR Cardboard or the new Chief Architect 360° Panorama Viewer to rotate and view panoramic images.

Chief Architect branded Google Cardboard headset
New productivity enhancements such as reorder layout pages


Multi-touch Gestures. Optimized for touch screens with multi-touch gestures - pinch zoom, pan and rotate.

Drag to reorder Layout pages. Click and drag to change Layout page order through the Project Browser.

Migration Tool. Easily bring forward settings from previous Chief Architect versions.

Improved CAD Block Management. Preview display in the dialog, add to library and insert multiple blocks into your design.

Off-angle Wall Notification.

Much Faster UNDO and REDO.

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New editing features


Draw Order Control. Exact placement control of an object's 2D draw order.

New edit buttons

The Living Area Label. Position and lock labels in a specific location.

Expanded List of Object Types You Can Remove. Windows, doors, piers, plants, fireplaces and ceiling framing.

Edit Multiple Defaults at Once. Arrows, Text, Text Styles, Callouts and Markers.

Edit Multiple Materials at Once. Cabinets, doors, windows and other objects.

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Show cabinet doors and drawers open in 2D and 3D views


Open Cabinet Doors and Drawers. Choose to show Cabinet Doors and Drawers open in 2D and 3D.

Cabinets, Doors and Drawer Layer. Display the layer for "Cabinets, Doors and Drawer" in Elevation, Plan and Perspective Views.

Improved Electrical Outlet Placement. Electrical outlets snap to the sides of cabinets, soffits and panels.

Control Counter Overhang on a per Edge Basis.

Specify Cabinet Hardware per Face Item.

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New stair landing preview feature


Customize Stair Railings. Choose glass, cable and other panel types from the library.

Define newel spacing, baluster spacing and the rail style.

Change the Stair Rail Style Directly from the Library. 'Paint' directly from the library - railing panels, newels, balusters, handrails.

Stair Landings. Manage railings independently from stairs and see a new dialog preview before changes are committed.

New "L" and U-Shaped Stair tools. Automatically place those stair types with new visual feedback.

New stair buttons

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New object information feature

Schedules & Dimensions

Object Information panel. Add comments and notes for cabinets, doors and windows.

Window and Door Schedules. Show or hide Casing, Lintels and Sills.

Export Material Lists to BuilderTREND.

Improved Dimension Snapping. Dimensions snap to countertops and polyline solids in elevation views.

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New structural features

Structural & Visual

Wall Niche Tool. Create wall recesses like a shower niche or a wall display.

Custom Room Definitions. Create room types and default attributes.

Rooms Within Larger Rooms. Create plant shelves and short ceilings.

Define Symbol Panel Railings. Change the rail size and profile of the hand railing and shoe rail for symbol panels.

Brick Ledges. Automatically generate a notch in the stem wall top.

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