Chief Architect Academic Network Installation Instructions

Reference Number: KB-00043
Last Modified: August 18, 2020

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier


I need instructions on how to install the Chief Architect Academic multiple-seat license, but cannot locate my Academic Deployment Guide booklet that came with my program. Where else can I find this information?


There are several resources available to you to manage, install, and maintain your Chief Architect Academic software.

To install Chief Architect Academic

The Chief Architect Academic Deployment Guide that came with your installation package is also available online:

You can also access the Academic Deployment Guide by signing in to your Digital Locker.

To manage activations

If you are using software lock security instead of a hardware lock, and are not certain how to manage your activations, please review the following Knowledge Base article, which explains the process.

To sign in to the website

Please remember that you likely have two separate passwords for signing in to the website. One is for students to use while the other is used for administrative tasks, such as downloading the software and content, as well as to manually deactivate licenses for the multi-seat license.

If you cannot locate the e-mail with your account passwords, the student password can be requested by using the Forgot My Password
link on the sign in page.

Please contact Customer Service if further assistance is needed.

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