Reflecting a Duplicate of a Plan

Reference Number: KB-00284
Last Modified: June 27, 2016

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


I am working on a duplex and I have created the first unit. Rather than redraw the whole thing, I would now like to copy this unit and make a mirror image of it. How can I do this?


While it isn't possible to group-select objects on multiple floors of your plan, you can effectively do so using the Edit Area tools.

Once a plan is selected, copying and reflecting it takes only a few clicks.

To copy and reflect a plan

  1. Open the Chief Architect plan in which you would like to copy and reflect the drawing.

  2. Select Window> Fill Window or press the F6 key on your keyboard to make the plan fill the Chief Architect window.

  3. Select CAD> Lines> Draw Line from the menu, then click and drag a line to represent the axis that you will reflect the plan across. This line can be thought of as the mirror that will reflect the plan.

    • If you want to reflect the plan horizontally, draw a vertical line on one side of the plan.

    • If you want to reflect the plan vertically, draw a horizontal line above or below the plan.

    • Draw the line reasonably close to the plan, but make sure that there is some space between the two so that you can select the plan without selecting the line as well.

  4. Select Edit> Edit Area> Edit Area(All Floors) from the menu, then click and drag a rectangular Edit Area marquee around the entire plan.

  5. With the entire plan selected click the Copy/Paste icon.

  6. Click the Reflect About Object edit button.

  7. Place your cursor directly over the CAD line drawn in step 3, above, and click once.

  8. A mirrored copy of the original plan will now display on the opposite side of the CAD line.

  9. With the copied portion still selected, you can then adjust its position next to the other structure, if required, such as in a duplex scenario.

  10. Be sure to take a few moments to examine the plan for any objects that did not reflect as expected. Some objects - notably roofs, dormers, and framing objects - may need to be edited or deleted and replaced.

    If you simply want to create a copy of a plan that is reverse, instead of create a duplex scenario, as described above, use the Tools> Reverse Plan option.