Enabling Terrain Tools When They are Grayed Out

Reference Number: KB-00714
Last Modified: July 19, 2021

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Whenever I open a new drawing and begin to work, all of the terrain tools, including the road tools, are not accessible. They are greyed out in the toolbar as well as the Terrain menu.

Why is this?


Before you can use the terrain tools, you must add a terrain perimeter to the plan. The terrain perimeter provides Chief Architect with an area terrain objects can be placed in, and then you can create the terrain to your specifications.

To enable the terrain tools

  1. On the first floor, add a terrain perimeter to your plan by navigating to Terrain> Create Terrain Perimeter .

    Only one Terrain Perimeter can exist in a plan. If this option is greyed out, then you already have a Terrain Perimeter in the plan. If the perimeter is not noticeable, it may be on a different floor level than you are currently viewing, or you may have turned off its display.

  2. Once a terrain perimeter has been created, you can add roads and other terrain objects using the various Terrain tools.