Message: A roof overhang may intrude too far into a wall.

Reference Number: KB-00828
Last Modified: July 20, 2021

The information in this article applies to:

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I keep seeing the following error message in one of my plans. What does it mean?

"A roof overhang may intrude too far into a wall on floor 1."


This warning message displays when a roof plane overhang is extending into a wall in your plan rather than butting against the wall's surface. When this occurs, you may see unexpected results in 3D views, such as a wall that does not generate upward to its full height or unwanted roof surfaces in interior rooms.

To solve this problem in Chief Architect or Home Designer Pro, you need to locate the roof plane in question and edit its shape so that it no longer intrudes into the wall.

Click OK to close the error message, then locate the problem roof plane. Select this roof plane and use its edit handles to move the edge that extends into a wall back so that it just touches the exterior surface.

  • You may find it helpful to Zoom in while performing this edit.

  • It is often helpful to first drag the roof plane edge away from the wall to create a gap between the two objects. Then, move the roof plane edge one more time to place it against the outer surface of the wall.

  • To override any movement restrictions you encounter, as well as Object Snaps or Grid Snaps , hold down the Ctrl key on a Windows PC or Command on a Mac while you drag the edit handles.

If you continue to encounter this error message after editing the roof plane, other roof planes with the same problem are present in your plan. Locate them and repeat this process.