Message: Please break or extend this landing edge to match the end of the stair section it is against.

Reference Number: KB-00963
Last Modified: May 15, 2017

The information in this article applies to:

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When I try to snap a staircase to a landing that I created, this message displays:

"Please break or extend this landing edge to match the end of the stair section it is against."

What does this mean?


This Information message will display when a stair section is connected to a landing along an edge that is not the same width as the stairs.  The landing edge may be:

  • More narrow than the width of the stairs 

  • Offset from the stairs, so that part of the stair section is not adjacent to the landing edge 

  • Wider than the width of the stairs

If the full width of one end of the stair section is not in contact with a single landing edge, you will need to resize either the stairs or the landing so that they meet perfectly.  

To create a correct connection between stairs and landing 

  1. Open the plan in which you are encountering this Information message.  

  2. Click the Select Objects  tool, then click on the stair section to select it and click the Open Object  edit button. On the General panel of the Staircase Specification dialog, confirm that the stairs have the correct Section Width, then click OK.  

  3. Select Edit> Snap Settings from the menu and make sure that Endpoint  Snaps are enabled.   

    • When a menu item is enabled, a checkmark will display to the left of its name on top of its button icon.  

  4. Click on the landing to select it, then use its edit handles to adjust the length of the edge that connects to the stair section.  

    • Click and drag an edge edit handle towards the corner of the stair section that it should join to.   

    • When your mouse pointer reaches that point, a square Endpoint  snap indicator will display.   

    • Release the mouse button to snap the landing edge to the edge of the stairs.

To add a break to a stair landing

This message may also display if the landing edge is wider than the stair section connected to it. In order to produce a proper connection between the railings of the stair section and landing, the landing edge should be the same width as the stairs. You can create this condition by adding a break to the edge of the landing where it joins to the stairs.

  1. Click the Select Objects  button, then click on the landing to select it.  

  2. With the landing selected, click the Break Line  edit button.  

    • Move your mouse pointer over the corner of the stair section where it meets the stair landing edge along its length.   

    • A square Endpoint  snap indicator will display when your cursor is over the corner.  

  3. Click once to add a break at that location.   

    • A new corner edit handle will be created, indicating that the landing edge has been divided into two separate edges.