Message: The symbol will not be loaded.

Reference Number: KB-01013
Last Modified: June 30, 2016

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors

Home Designer Professional or Home Designer Architectural or Home Designer Suite or Home Designer Interiors


I am trying to import a 3D symbol that I found online, but when I try a message says,

"An unexpected error occurred while the file was being loaded. The symbol will not be loaded."

What is wrong and how do I fix it?


This message will display if the file you are trying to import cannot be read by the program. 

There are several possible causes including:

  • The data in the file is corrupted
  • The file uses formatting that the program does not understand
  • An error is occurring in the program because of something in the file

The most common reason for this message to appear is file corruption, and you may be able to resolve the issue by deleting the copy of the file that you have and downloading a new copy. 

If the problem persists, try to avoid anything that could interfere with the file download, including:

  • Security software running on your system
  • Intermittent internet connectivity

If downloading a new copy doesn't help, you may want to contact the source of the file for more information.

If you suspect a different problem, please send the file to Chief Architect Technical Support using our Online Support Center
and we will be glad to take a look at it.