Creating a Custom Sink Hole

Reference Number: KB-01203
Last Modified: June 28, 2017

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


I need to do a special, one of a kind, custom countertop hole for a sink I'm placing from my library. How can I create one?

custom shaped kitchen sink


When you use a sink symbol from the library, it will cut its own hole in the countertop when placed in a cabinet. In some instances, you may want to replace this countertop hole with your own.


To create a custom sink hole

  1. Begin by using the Base Cabinet  tool to place the base cabinet and resize it appropriately. In this example, the width is 42".

  2. Locate the sink you want to use in the Library Browser and place one in your cabinet.

    In this example a 32" Under-mount sink without fixtures is used.

  3. Next, we need to create a CAD block that will be used for both the 2D representation of this sink in floor plan view and the countertop hole.

    • In this example, the CAD tools are used to draw the shape over the existing sink to ensure the size is correct. 

  4. Select the polyline and use the Transform/Replicate Object  edit tool to move the CAD object away from the sink and cabinet. 

    • In this example, the polyline is moved 48" along the X Delta, which is to the right.

  5. We need 2 identical copies of this polyline; one for the countertop hole and one for the 2D representation of the sink.

    • With the polyline selected, click on the Copy and Paste in Place  edit tool to place a second polyline in the exact same location as the original. 

  6. While the polyline is selected, click on the Convert Polyline  edit button.
    • Select Countertop in the Convert Polyline dialog and click OK.

    • The Custom Countertop Specification dialog will display.

    • Place a check mark beside Hole in Countertop to designate that this polyline will be a hole and click OK.

  7. Draw in any additional items you wish to appear in this CAD block when it is used with the sink. In this example, the main polyline has a solid white fill, two CAD circles are added and have been placed in the front drawing group so that they display on top of the rest of the sink's 2D representation.

    • To bring a polyline to the front drawing group in Chief Architect X9, open the Polyline Specification dialog, and on the Line Style panel, select "1 - Front" from the drop down menu under Drawing Group.

    • In Chief Architect X8 and prior, to bring a polyline to the front drawing group, open the Polyline Specification dialog, and on the Line Style panel, under Drawing Group select Front Group then put a check next to Move to Front of Group, and then click OK.

  8. Next, all of these objects need to be blocked together.

    • Click the Select Objects  button, then hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and click and drag a rectangular marquee around the CAD objects.

    • With the CAD objects all selected, click the Make CAD Block  edit tool. 

    • Select the CAD block and click the Open Object  edit button. Give your CAD block a name. In this example, we've used Custom Sink.
    • Click OK.

  9. Finally, select the sink you have placed in the cabinet.

    • When you click to select it the cabinet will select first. Press the Tab key on the keyboard or click the Select Next Object  edit button to move the selection to the sink.

    • The Status Bar at the bottom of the program window should indicate that you have a CAD Block Instance selected. 

  10. Click the Open Object  edit button to open the Symbol Specification dialog for the sink.

    • On the 2D Block panel, in the list of Available CAD Blocks, you will see the newly created CAD block.

      Select it and click OK. This block will now be assigned to the sink.


In this example, the selected sink has no fixtures so they have been added from the Library Browser. When finished, create a perspective camera view of the new custom sink to see the results.