Message: The migration of your user settings has completed with one or more errors.

Reference Number: KB-03054
Last Modified: January 20, 2017

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


I recently upgraded to Chief Architect X9 and when I go through the migration I get this message: 

The migration of your user settings has completed with one or more errors. View the Migration Log for more details

Information message box


If you have used early versions of Chief Architect (v9 and prior) and copied textures forward, then you may have some images that are using the old 8.3 file name convention (aka short filename or SFN). These short filenames do not copy well and can cause this error.

To manually migrate old textures

  1. While the message is on screen click the View Migration Log button.

    * if you have already closed out of the message you can access the Migration log by navigating to Documents\Chief Architect Premier X9 Data and locating the Migrate_Settings_Log.txt there.

  2. The Migrate Settings Log will show each directory for migration. Any problem directories will be marked with ***ERROR:


  3. The migration process essentially copies the contents of the prior directory to the new directory. Navigate to the "Migrate From" directory listed in the Migrate log for the affected directory. 

    For this example the directory \Documents\Chief Architect Premier X8 Data\Textures is used.

  4. Locate the files using the old naming convention. These files are typically start with 6 capital letters followed by a Tilde ~ and an number.

    X8 Data textures folder

    *The four image files in above screen capture are all in the 8.3 filename convention.

  5. Right-click each of these files and rename them, removing the tilde (~) from the filename. 

  6. Next, highlight all files in this folder then right-click and choose Copy from the menu.
    If you are on a Mac computer and do not have a right mouse button you can hold the CTRL key and click to access this menu.

  7. Navigate to the equivalent X9 folder and right click an empty space and choose Paste from the menu

    For this example the directory \Documents\Chief Architect Premier X9 Data\Textures is used.