Sharing and Embedding 360 Renderings

Reference Number: KB-03067
Last Modified: March 30, 2017

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


How do I share my 360 Rendering or embed it on my website?

An example render of the 360 viewer.


360 renderings can be shared or embedded by utilizing the tools available in your My Account.

To save a 360 Rendering to the Cloud

360 Renderings must first be saved to the Chief Architect Cloud before they can be shared or embedded.

  1. Open your plan and from the menu click 3D> Create Perspective View> Full Camera Full Camera icon. Click and drag to place the camera.

    For best results, position the camera as near as you can to the center of the scene before exporting.

  2. From the menu, select File> Export> Export 360 Panorama Export 360 Panorama icon

    Note: If you do not have a camera view open "Export 360 Panorama" will be gray and not accessible.

  3. Check the Save to Chief Architect Cloud checkbox. Supply a Name and Description then click OK.

    Export 360 Panorama File dialog

  4. Enter your Chief Architect Account E-mail Address and Password, then click OK.

    The Save to Disk option allows for saving an image file to your computer directly.

To share or embed a 360 Rendering

  1. Log into your Chief Architect Account then click on Manage Your 360 Panoramas

    Image of the available services options in a Chief Architect online account.

  2. Panoramas are private by default. A Panorama needs to be made public before it can be shared or embedded. Click the Make Public button.

    A screenshot of an online account that contains exported 360 renders.

  3. Click the Share button to bring up different share options.

  • Direct Link
    To directly share your 360 Panorama, copy the link provided under the Direct Link tab and paste it to wherever you're sharing it.

    The direct link tab of the Share 360 Panorama dialog

  • E-mail
    Click on the E-mail tab. Click the Send E-mail button to open the default mail application on your computer (Outlook, OS X Mail, Thunderbird, etc.). Click the copy button if your primary e-mail is a web-based e-mail (,,, etc.). This will copy the text to your clipboard. Go to your web based e-mail client and start a new email. Then paste the text to add it to your new email.

    The e-mail tab of the Share 360 Panorama dialog

  • Embed
    Click on the Embed tab. Then copy the HTML code from the output field and paste it where you want to on your website's source code or provide the code to your webmaster so that they can add it to your website.

    A screenshot of the Embed tab of the Share 360 Panorama

  • Embed on ChiefTalk
    On the Embed tab, press the ChiefTalk button. Click on the code to select it then press the copy button. Then paste the code into your ChiefTalk post. ChiefTalk will automatically embed the Panorama once you submit your post.

  • Embed on a WordPress blog
    On the Embed tab. Press the WordPress button. Click on the code to select it then press the copy button. Then go to your WordPress page. In the WordPress page editor, be sure to use the Text editor instead of the Visual Editor. Then paste the code where you want it on your WordPress page.

    A WordPress Text editor

    Note: Embedding 360 Panoramas only works with Self-Hosted WordPress sites. Sites hosted on will not be able to embed 360 Panoramas.

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