Chief Architect X1 Full Program Updates

Program updates to the currently shipping products are released from time to provide feature enhancements and to resolve reported problems. Updates are provided free of charge by downloading from this page.


This update will update Chief Architect X1 to version

The previous update contains a file version change. This means that files edited in this update will not be editable by earlier versions of X1.

Due to the file version change, viewer users of 11.2 and earlier will need to download an updated version of the Viewer.

For 11.2 and earlier users:

Please note that this update contains some dramatic improvements as to how and where user librarys, toolbars, and other supporting files are stored on your local computer. All user settings, libraries, and archive files that were formerly stored in the Chief Architect installation directory will now be migrated to the "Chief Architect X1 Data" folder in the My Documents folder on your system.

This update is larger than previous updates because we have included new Help files documenting a variety of new features. Be sure to click on Help> Contents and Index. In the Contents section find "What's New in Version" and expand that section to see the "New and Improved Features" section.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Read the update notes for 11.5

  2. Backup your Data:

    Important: It is always a good idea to make a complete backup of your work before making any changes to your computer. If you do not know how to do this, please consult a local computer technician to get advice on how to perform a backup.

  3. Save the update to disk.

    We recommend saving the file to your Desktop, where it will be easily found.

  4. Make sure Chief Architect is closed.

    If you update with Chief Architect open you will need to reboot your computer for the update to take effect.

  5. Run the update.

    Once you have completed the download and closed Chief Architect, double-click on the download and follow the installation instructions.

    Vista Users: Make sure you right-click the icon and choose "Run As Administrator". When prompted, type in the username and password for your administrator account.

  6. Launch Chief Architect.

Download the Chief Architect X1 Full Update (~85 MB)

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