Layouts, Construction Documents, and Printing

Create complete construction documents by sending plan views, elevation and camera views, or detail views to a layout page.

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30:54 Creating Layouts and Construction Documents

Creating Layouts and Construction Documents

Learn how to use the Layout tool to create your Construction Drawings sending plans, sections and elevations to the layout in scale. The template mentioned in this video can be found here:

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15:37 Creating a Layout Template

Creating a Layout Template

Set up your page size, title block and border and save your layout as a template to reuse when you start a new plan.

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11:31 Reshaping Layout Views

Reshaping Layout Views

Reshape Layout boxes to show only what you want and to fit more information onto a single layout page.

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4:48 Editing Plan Views on the Layout

Editing Plan Views on the Layout

Many options are available on the Plan View Panel of the Layout Box Specification including options for Saved Plan Views, Dimensions, Layers, and Reference Display

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7:00 Using Layout Tables and Revision Tables

Using Layout Tables and Revision Tables

Use the Layout Page Table tool to create a list of pages included in your layout and the Revision Table tool to keep track of revisions for each page of your layout.

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3:20 Printing & Saving a PDF

Printing & Saving a PDF

Use the print dialog to create and save a PDF.

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10:47 Adding Watermarks

Adding Watermarks

Create watermarks and display them on your work. Control location, size, angle, transparency, and include images in your watermark design.

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