Features Introduced in X12

New features in X12 include Automatic Trey Ceilings, build framing per room, 3D solid editing, a new Style Palette tool, waterfall counters, updates to stairs, cabinets, and moldings.

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Features Introduced in X12 Overview

New features added in X12 include a new Trey Ceiling tool, updates to the Build roof dialog, more controls for stairs, frame floor platform by room, new Style Palette tool, automatically hide exterior walls in overview cameras, game controller support, and waterfall countertops.

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Design Features Introduced in X12

New Design oriented features in X12 include a new Tray Ceiling tool, molding improvements, expanded Delete Objects tool, more controls for stairs and stair stringers, generate framing by room and box headers.

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Presentation Features Introduced in X12

Presentation features included in X12 include a new Style Palette tool, hide camera facing exterior walls in overviews, Light sets in Ray Trace views, display doors, windows and skylights in framing overviews, game controller support, water fall countertops, apply different material to insides of cabinets, Point to Point center tool, and improved 3d solid editing.

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Drafting & Project Management Features Introduced in X12

Drafting and project management features in X12 include updated migration dialog, updated Save As Template tool, pony wall display controls in Saved Plan View, multiple defaults for Revision Cloud, Schedules can be found in the Project Browser, Items can be added to any schedule, Materials List Polyline can include items across floors, calculate structural materials list for decks, additional dimension controls,

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