Features Introduced in X13

New features in X13 include more control over framing wall intersections, horizontal wall and roof framing, cabinet stiles, materials, elevation camera polylines, real-time ray tracing, orbital walk-throughs and construction lines.

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What's New in X13 - Full List

View the full list of features added in Chief Architect X13.

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What's New in X13 - Building Construction

Building Construction features added in X13 include standard, reduced stud, and laddered wall intersections, more control over header placement, horizontal wall and roof framing.

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What's New in X13 - Design

Design features added in X13 include reveal control of right and left sides of cabinets, control of cabinet face item overlap, dimension to cabinet face items, and extended stiles.

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What's New in X13 - Drafting & Project Management

Drafting and project management features included in X13 include ability to copy and paste elevation cameras. showing vaulted ceilings in wall elevations, opening indicators for hinged and sliding doors and windows and construction lines.

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What's New in X13 - Presentation

Presentation features included in X13 include a new real-time ray tracing, watermark camera default, overlay line drawing on to other rendering techniques, a new clay rendering technique, walk through previews and orbital walk throughs.

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What's New in X13 - Productivity

Productivity features added in X13 include dynamic help, new CAD block editing, multiple select and edit rooms, save text to the library and editing 3d shapes with union, subtraction and intersection edits.

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