Kitchens, Baths, & Interior Design

Interior Design Software for Kitchen & Bath Professionals. Chief Architect Interior design software is a flexible design tool you can use for kitchen & bath design. Smart cabinet tools make it easy to create any custom cabinet style including shaped, framing, and frame-less. The program also has automatic wall elevations and dimensions to the NKBA standards and includes an extensive 3D catalog - name-brand and custom.

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Kitchen Designs with Chief Architect - Smarter Design Software

Use Chief Architect to design and sell your projects. If you are a great designer, show your clients using great interior design software - not only will you close more business, you can communicate accurately for more client satisfaction.

Water color rendering of a kitchen
Various basin sink styles


Kitchen and Bathroom appliances


Smart Cabinet technology

Smart Cabinet technology

National Kitchen & Bath Association logo

Use Chief Architect to take NKBA certification exams

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Create any style of cabinet with smart Cabinet objects

Select from a library of thousands of door, drawer, colors, and styles - both manufacturer and generic. Create custom countertops, backsplashes, showers, and tub platforms.

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Chief Architect provides the best Interior Design Software

Choose from thousands of styles, colors, and materials to create realistic 3D interiors. Experiment with your interior design ideas using 3D models, virtual tours, and advanced design tools.

3D floor overview on top of construction documents
Paint Swatches

Name Brand Catalogs

Different door and window styles

Doors & Windows

Cabinet Countertop

Colors, Materials, & Textures

CAD details of various door styles
Modern Living Room Furniture

Furniture & Accessories

Varies staircase styles

Stairs & Ramps

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Create wall elevation views with Cross-Section and Wall Elevation camera tools

Dimension automatically or manually add details and callout text. You can design in 2D, 3D, and Elevation views simultaneously.

Kitchen wall elevation
Bathroom wall elevation
Closet wall elevation
Office wall elevation
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Floor & Space Planning

Communicate projects to clients with visualization tools

Create scaled floor planes, 3D views, and virtual tours. Place and size furnishings for exact room sizing and layout.

Bathroom Floor Plan
Kitchen rendered as a line drawing