3. Chief Architect® Sojourn®

Sojourn® is a set of features for viewing and navigating the interior of a model.

Sojourn®’s tools are available in 3D Room View . Use the joysticks and your mouse, keyboard, trackpad, or touchscreen to navigate the model.

To make the most of Sojourn®, hide the Sojourn tool icons and joysticks: tap the Settings button and select Input. You can also Hide the sidebar.

Joysticks and Height Controls

The onscreen joysticks and height controls give you complete control over the camera position and direction.

  • Move to the left, right, forward, or backwards without changing the view direction using the Move joystick.
  • Rotate in any direction without changing position using the Look joystick.
  • You can control joystick speed as well as invert the Look joystick's Y axis: click or tap the Settings icon.
  • Move the camera up or down without changing the view direction using the Up and Down icons.
  • The Dynamic Camera Height feature lets you change your camera height as you navigate. Rotate the camera angle upward and move forward using the joysticks to raise the camera, or rotate downward while moving forward to lower it.

Mouse, Trackpad, and Touchscreen

Some navigation can also be performed without using the onscreen controls.

  • Click and drag in the view to rotate the camera without changing its position.
  • Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom and pan.
  • Standard trackpad and touchscreen gestures can be used to rotate the camera, zoom, and pan.
  • You can also use a game controller to navigate the model: click or tap the Settings icon. Use of the D-pad is not supported in Firefox, however.

Using the Keyboard

The onscreen joystick and height controls have corresponding keyboard commands.

  • Press the W, A, S, and D keys to move the camera forward, backward, left and right.
  • Press the O, K, L, and ; keys to rotate the camera upward, downward, to the left and to the right.
  • Press the R and F keys to move the camera up and down.
  • Press the Q key to toggle the Dynamic Camera Height feature on and off.