2. Special Views

The Cross Section Slider and Mini Map provide extra perspective into the model's design.

The Cross Section Slider and Mini Map give you additional ways to see how a model's floor plan is laid out and how different spaces relate to one another.

Cross Section Slider

The Cross Section Slider allows you to create customizable section views of the model.

  • Click or tap the View icon and select Cross Section to open the Cross Section Slider panel.
  • Check the box beside a section cutting plane that you would like to use.
  • Use the slider or enter a value in the text field to adjust the position of the section cutting plane in the model. The position is measured from the surface of the model first cut by the plane.
  • Use multiple cutting planes at the same time to create customized sectional views.
  • You can specify whether inches or millimeters are used to describe the cutting plane position in Settings .

Mini Map

In Room View, the Mini Map window at the top left corner of the screen shows a 2D Plan View of the model. The camera’s position and direction are represented by a blue arrow, providing a sense of its location within the model.

  • Mouse over and scroll or use the pinch gesture in the Mini-Map to zoom the Plan View in or out.
  • Click or tap once in the Mini-Map to move your camera to that location.
  • When you rotate the camera, the Mini-Map will rotate as well. You can disable this by tapping the Settings button and selecting Views.
  • You can also turn the Mini-Map off and on in Settings .