1. Viewing a Model

You can navigate the exterior and interior of a model in either of two ways.

When a model is opened, its 3D Overview is active.

  • To navigate using a mouse, use the scroll wheel to pan and zoom, and click and drag to rotate around the model.
  • Standard trackpad gestures can be used to zoom in and out as well as pan and rotate around the model.
  • To reset the initial Overview camera position, click or tap the Reset Overview icon.

Click or tap the Room View icon to enable additional options for navigating the model's interior using  Chief Architect® Sojourn®.

High Definition/Low Definition

3D Viewer has two viewing modes: High and Low Definition. Low Definition is the default mode and represents materials on object surfaces using solid colors. High Definition mode displays photo-realistic textures such as wood grain on object surfaces as well as image objects like plants, but requires more resources on your device.

You can switch between High and Low Definition by tapping the icons in the toolbar at the bottom center of the view window.

For additional realism, you can turn on the display of Shadows in Settings .