Chief Architect Software Rental FAQ

Using Chief Architect is now easier than ever. With our Software Rental option, you can rent or rent-to-own. For a low monthly payment, you get access to all the powerful features in Chief Architect, plus access to our Support & Software Assurance (SSA) services.

Rental Terms and Conditions

Chief Architect Premier + SSA

Rent for $199/mo.

Buy: $3,295
Sale: $2,965.50

The Rental option is also available for Chief Architect Interiors

Software Rental Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the rental period if I want to own the software?

The rental period for Premier is 22 months and Interiors is 15 months. Monthly payments must be consecutive in order to accrue toward owning the software license.

When I rent, do I have access to Support & Software Assurance (SSA) services?


When does the rental begin?

The Rental begins at the time of your rental purchase.

Is this a rent-to-own option for purchasing the software license?

It is if you continue the rental every month during the rental period (consecutive rental payments).

Can I stop and restart the rental?

Yes, you can stop your rental at any time. The software rental will end at your next billing cycle along with access to the software and SSA services. If you are planning to rent-to-own the software license you must have consecutive rental payments for the entire rental period.

How do I cancel my rental?

You must Contact Chief Architect by phone or email to cancel. Your software rental is only canceled after you receive a cancellation notice from Chief Architect. The rental and access to the software will end at the end of the rental period. Note that you will not accumulate rental payments toward owning the software license after you cancel the rental.

What if I want to purchase the software outright before the rental term ends?

You can purchase at any time. You will have a credit of the amount you paid, less the prorated rental fee, toward the purchase. The rental fee for each product can be found in the Terms and Conditions of the Software Rental. Example: If you decide to purchase Chief Architect Premier after 4 months, you would have a credit of $678.64* toward the purchase. Upgrades and Additional Licenses do not qualify for a rental credit toward purchase.

If I stop renting will the software stop working?

Yes, the software and SSA service will stop at your next billing cycle.

Does the 30-day money-back guarantee apply to rentals?

No, there is not a money-back guarantee.

Will I get a free upgrade if a new version releases during my Rental Period?


Once I complete the consecutive rental for the entire period will I own the software license?


When I own the software license, am I required to purchase Support & Software Assurance (SSA)?

No, SSA is an optional service that provides technical support, upgrades, bonus and manufacturer content, discounts on select training and discounts on secondary licenses. We will automatically continue to charge monthly payments for SSA at the monthly rate specified in your Software Rental Agreement or you can choose to renew SSA at an annual rate of $525**. See SSA FAQ for more information on SSA and renewal options. SSA is an optional service and you can cancel the automatic monthly charge.

How often do rental charges occur?

Your monthly software rental payment will be charged to your credit card each month on the day you began your Software Rental. If that date does not exist in the current month or if it falls on a holiday or weekend it may be charged on the next business day.

What happens if a payment is missed, late or declined?

The software and SSA service will end at your next billing cycle

*Credit Calculation Details: For 4 months, rental amount paid was $796 (4 × $199). And, the rental fee you paid was $117.36 (4 × $29.34). Your credit would be equal to the Rental Amount Paid ($796) less the Rental Fee Paid ($117.36 = $678.64). Software rental buyout cannot be combined with any other special offer or promotion.

Rental Fee:
$645.48 – Rental Fee for the entire rental period (this is the amount you paid over the regular retail price)
$29.34 – Rental Fee per month

**Support & Software Assurance (SSA) pricing is subject to change