Clipping Cross Section Views

Reference Number: KB-00066
Last Modified: February 28, 2018

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Can I limit what I see with a cross section camera?

orthographic vector image of interior kitchen cabinets


Starting in X5, you can clip the view that a cross section camera displays. The Cross Section/Elevation Camera Specification dialog provides these settings to Back Clip after a certain distance, as well as Clip to Sides. This article covers how to modify these settings.

To modify a Cross Section/Elevation camera

  1. Click 3D> Create Orthographic View> Wall Elevation , Cross Section  or Backclipped Cross Section .

  2. Click and drag a line in floor plan view.

    • A camera symbol displays where you click, and when you drag a line it determines which direction the camera is facing.

    • When you release the mouse it creates the focal point. In the case of a Backclipped Cross Section, this focal point represents the backclip plane.

  3. Once we have a Cross Section Camera we can edit its settings by clicking 3D> Edit Active Camera  to open the Cross Section/Elevation Camera Specification dialog.

    • You can also open the Cross Section/Elevation Camera Specification dialog in floor plan view by selecting a single cross section/elevation camera symbol and clicking the Open Object  edit button.

  4. On the Camera panel of the Cross Section/Elevation Camera Specification dialog you can specify the Scene Clipping settings.

    • Put a check in Back Clip After, if you want to specify a distance from camera to backclip plane.

    • Put a check in Clip to Sides, if you want to limit the selected camera view's side to side extents to the length of its Clip Plane Indicator lines in floor plan view.

To modify a cross section/elevation camera's side to side extent

  1. If you have the cross section camera open, we can tile the camera view and the floor plan view by selecting Window> Tile Vertically .

    • You can also use hotkeys to tile the view by pressing Shift and F6 together.

  2. Click on the camera's symbol to highlight it.

    • You will notice edit handles for rotating, moving the camera, the focal point and, on the ends of the clip plane, you will see additional edit handles you can use to modify the extent of the view.

  3. Mouse over one of the clip plane edit handles - your cursor will change to a double arrow.

  4. Click and drag the edit handle until clip plane extends to the correct dimension for your view.

    Note: You must have Clip at Sides checked in the Cross Section/Elevation Specification dialog to be able to clip the sides of a cross section or elevation camera.  This setting is not available for Wall Elevation camera views.

    To create stepped cutting planes

    1. In your floor plan view, you can step your cutting planes by selecting the camera's symbol to highlight it.

    2. Click the Break Line  edit button and then click in the middle of one of the clip planes to place a break.

      You will see a diamond handle where the break has been placed and a square edit handle between the break and the clip plane's end edit handle.

    3. Mouse over the new square edit handle and then click and drag to create a step in the clip plane.

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