Changing Marquee Selection Modes

Reference Number: KB-00130
Last Modified: June 28, 2016

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


When I drag a marquee around a group of objects, it selects everything the marquee intersects. How can I change it so that it only selects objects inside of the marquee?


Groups of objects can be selected by holding down either the Shift or Ctrl key when the Select Objects tool is active and then dragging a marquee around the objects to be selected.

You can specify whether objects must be totally contained in or intersected by the marquee, or whether an object’s center point must be contained in the marquee, in the Preferences dialog or using the Selection Mode toolbar buttons.

To change the Marquee Selection

  1. From the menu, select Edit> Preferences  if you're on a Windows PC or Chief Architect> Preferences  if you're on a MAC.

  2. Along the left side, select the Edit panel. 

  3. Under Marquee Selection, move the radio button to the appropriate setting you want.

    • Choose Select Intersected Objects to select any objects whose bounding  boxes are intersected by or located within the marquee.

    • Choose Select Contained Objects to select only objects located entirely within the marquee. This option provides the best results in most situations.

    • Choose Select Objects by Center to select only objects whose center points are located within the marquee.

      To make marquee selection easier, you can turn off the display of objects you do not want to include in your selection set.

The Ctrl key will always marquee-select objects of all types, regardless of the active tool, however, the Shift key can also be used to marquee-select objects of a similar type.

To marquee select similar type items

  1. Select Build> Door> Hinged Door  to activate this tool.

  2. Hold down the Shift key, drag a marquee, then release the mouse button and notice that only door objects within the marquee are selected. 

  3. This same basic process works with many other tools, such as different types of cabinets, walls, windows, etc.

You can select a group of objects by adding them to the selection set one by one

To add or de-select items in a marquee

  1. Select an object, hold down either the Shift or Ctrl key, and click additional objects to select them.

    More than one type of object can be selected using this method, but the ability to edit the group-selected items is limited to attributes that all selected objects have in common.

  2. To remove an object from a selection set, click it once more - again, with either the Shift or Ctrl key pressed.
    Note: The Shift and Ctrl keys can be used to select multiple items in a variety of contexts, such as: the Library and Project Browsers, lists in dialog boxes, and files to be imported.