Troubleshooting Floor and Ceiling Framing

Reference Number: KB-00400
Last Modified: May 15, 2017

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When I build framing for my model, the entire structure frames quite nicely. However, despite my best efforts, the floor and ceiling will not frame. Why won't the framing generate in these two areas?


Framing for the floor and ceiling will not generate, even if there is sufficient platform thickness for each, if certain attributes within the Room Specification dialog are checked. See the procedure below to ensure that these attributes within the Room Specification dialog are not conflicting with the framing of your model.


To ensure that framing generates properly in your floor and ceiling platforms

  1. Click the Select Objects  tool, then click in a room in which floor and/or ceiling framing is not generating correctly.  

  2. With the room selected, click the Open Object  edit button to open the Room Specification dialog.  

  3. On the Structure panel of the Room Specification dialog, make sure that the check boxes for Ceiling Over This Room and Roof Over This Room are checked.  

  4. Next, with the Structure panel still active, next to Ceiling Structure, click on the Edit button to display the Ceiling Structure Definition dialog.

    Verify that a Framing material is set, and if not, click on the Select Material button to browse the Library for an appropriate framing material, then click OK.

    Framing Materials have different properties than other materials. If a material is chosen that does not have these framing properties framing will not generate.

  5. Repeat this process for the Floor Structure as well, make sure that Floor Under This Room is checked, and then click OK to apply the changes to the Room Specification dialog.

  6. Now that you have verified that a Roof and Ceiling are set to be built, and the Floor and Ceiling Structure in the room that wasn't generating framing now have framing materials specified, select Build> Framing> Build Framing  from the menu. 

  7. In the Build Framing dialog, for each floor check the Build boxes for each type of framing that did not generate correctly before, then click OK to rebuild the selected framing types.  

    You can also select the check box for Automatic Floor/Ceiling Framing, Automatic Wall Framing, etc so that these will be regenerated automatically and will not require you to go in to the Build Framing dialog each time you need to have the framing update.