Creating a Custom Wine Cabinet

Reference Number: KB-00433
Last Modified: May 31, 2023

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


How do I design a custom cabinet that holds wine bottles? 

Custom wine rack in wine cellar


A custom cabinet that is designed to hold wine bottles can easily be created by utilizing the Cabinet tools along with the Wine Rack w/ Bottles symbol located within the Chief Architect Core Catalogs.

Additionally, you can locate additional wine accessories, such as individual wine bottles, open wine racks, furniture, crates, and more by accessing the Wine Cellar Items Bonus Catalog, the Wine Racks America® Manufacturer Catalog, and the Manufacturer Catalog.

The additional catalogs mentioned above are not required to follow the instructions below.

To create a custom wine cabinet

  1. From the menu, select Build> Cabinet> Wall Cabinet and click in the plan to place a cabinet. 

  2. Once a cabinet is added to your plan, select it using the Select Objects  tool, then click the Open Object  edit button.

  3. On the General panel of the Cabinet Specification dialog that displays, set the Width, Height, Depth, and Floor to Bottom values to your liking.

    In this example, the Width is set to 18", the Height is set to 28", the Depth is set to the default of 12", and the Floor to Bottom is set to 0".

  4. On the Front/Sides/Back panel:

    Front/Sides/Back panel of the Wall Cabinet Specification

    • In the Face Items table, select the 2 Door - Auto Right face item.

    • If your wine cabinet will contain a door, the Item Type may not need to be changed. However, in our example, a door will not exist, so we will set the Item Type to be an Opening.

    • With this face item still selected, click the Specify button next to the Shelves option to open the Cabinet Shelf Specification dialog:

      Cabinet Shelf Specification where a wine rack with bottles can be specified

      • Select the Manual option under Shelf Management, specify the Number of Shelves to be 1 initially, then set the Spacing From Previous value to 0". Doing this allows us to start the shelving at the bottom of the cabinet.

      • Next, specify the actual Number of Shelves that you would like in this wine cabinet, then select the Tab key on your keyboard to update the dialog. Now, each of the shelves should be equally spaced starting from the bottom shelf.

        In this example, 6 total shelves are specified.

      • Ensure that the Shelf drop-down is set to All Shelves, click the Library button, and in the Select Library Object dialog that opens next, browse to Chief Architect Core Catalogs> Architectural> Cabinet Doors, Drawers, & Panels, Specialty Storage, Wine Rack w/ Bottles, then click OK.

    • Your wine cabinet will now contain 6 shelves, each with 4 wine bottles.

      3D dialog preview of the wine bottles inside of a cabinet

  5. If your cabinet contains a door, you can modify it's properties on the Door/Drawer panel.

  6. On the Box Construction panel, properties relating to how the cabinet box is constructed can be modified.

  7. Click on the Moldings and Materials panel to update the cabinets moldings, as well as the materials that are used for the cabinet, the bottles, their labels, and the wine rack.

  8. Once all desired changes have been made, click OK.