Changing the Way Objects Look in Floor Plan View

Reference Number: KB-00473
Last Modified: July 16, 2015

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


I would like to change the colors used in plan view for a variety of objects - for example, cabinets, doors, electrical items and dimension lines. How do I do this?


In Chief Architect, you can change the both the line color and the line style used to represent nearly all objects in floor plan view - including walls, floors, furniture and many other objects. Line color and style can be changed for an entire category of objects, organized by layer in the program, or for individual objects.

To change the display of a layer

  1. Select Tools> Layer Settings> Display Options  from the menu.

    • In Chief Architect X5 and prior, go to Tools> Display Settings> Display Options

  2. In the Layer Display Options dialog: 

    • Click on a layer to select it.

    • In the Properties for Selected Layer section at the bottom of the dialog, select the desired Color and Style for the lines representing all objects on this layer.

    • If you would like your changes to affect all layer sets, check the box beside Modify All Layer Sets at the top of the dialog.  

    • Click OK to close the dialog and apply your changes.

The Modify All Layer Sets options is a state, rather than an action, which means that it will remain checked until you uncheck it again. 

To avoid making unintentional changes to all layer sets later on, it is strongly recommended that you immediately open the Layer Display Options dialog and uncheck this box after your changes have been made. 


To change the display of a single object

  1. With the Select Objects  tool active, click on an object that you would like to modify the 2D display of to select it.

  2. Click the Open Object  edit button to open the object's specification dialog.

  3. On the Line Style panel of the specification dialog:

    • Click the color bar and select the desired Color for your line in the Color Chooser dialog.

    • Select a Line Style from the Style drop-down list.

    • You can also select a Line Weight which will display when Show Line Weights  is turned on as well as when printed.

  4. Some objects, such as walls, doors, and windows do not have a Line Style panel. Instead, you can place individual objects on any layer that you need to on the Layer panel of the specification dialog.

  5. A number of objects also have a Fill Style panel in both their defaults and specification dialogs.

    • Select a Fill Pattern from the Type drop-down list.

    • Specify the pattern's Spacing, Angle, and Line Weight.

    • Choose a Color for the pattern lines and specify whether it has a Transparent Fill.