Aligning Different Thickness Walls

Reference Number: KB-00798
Last Modified: July 13, 2017

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


I need to join walls that have different layer thicknesses and would like to control how these walls align to one another. How can I do this?


We can specify how walls align and then use Object Snaps to easily position them.

To set the snapping behavior

  1. Select Edit> Default Settings  from the menu.

  2. In the Default Settings dialog, expand the Walls category, click on General Wall to highlight it, then click the Edit button to open the General Wall Defaults dialog.

  3. In the General Wall Defaults dialog, the "Resize About" options determine how walls snap together.


    The two walls illustrate how these options work. The wall on the left is a Siding-6 wall, the other is a Brick-6. The layers of the Brick-6 have been enlarged to better illustrate the differences in the "Resize About" options.

    The walls shown have the framing selected as the main layer, the normal choice for walls.


  • Outer Surface

    Select this option to align the outer surfaces of walls when they snap together.

  • Main Layer Outside

    This option aligns the outer surface of the main layer.

  • Wall Center

    If you choose this option, the program aligns the wall centers.

  • Main Layer Inside

    Select this option to align the inside surfaces of the main layer.

  • Inner Surface

    This options aligns the interior surfaces of the walls.