Using Revision Clouds

Reference Number: KB-00951
Last Modified: April 5, 2017

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier


I have reached the review stage in my plan, and need to indicate where changes are being made. I have heard that Chief Architect has a tool for revision clouds. How does this tool work?


The Revision Cloud tool allows you to draw a closed polyline with a series of arcs or bulges displaying along each edge.

To create a Revision Cloud

  1. The easiest way to create a Revision Cloud in Chief Architect is to select CAD> Revision Cloud , then click and drag to draw a rectangular shape with edges that display a series of arcs.

  2. Additional ways to create a Revision Cloud include

    • From the menu select Edit> Edit Behaviors> Alternate . Click and drag to draw the first edge, then click to define the end points of subsequent edges. Click on the start point of the first edge to finish drawing the cloud.

      Click Edit> Edit Behaviors> Default to return to the default edit behavior.

      The Revision Cloud tool is still active until you select a different tool.  

      The Alternate edit behavior can also be initiated by right-clicking on the object and select Revision Cloud(s) around Objects. 

    • Create Revision Clouds around one or more selected objects in floor plan view by clicking the Revision Cloud(s) Around Objects  edit button.

      A separate revision cloud will be drawn around each selected object.

      This edit tool is also available for CAD objects, text, and dimensions in cross section/elevation views, but not for architectural objects.

    • Convert a closed CAD polyline into a Revision Cloud by using the Convert Polyline  tool


Revision Clouds are drawn based on the settings in the Revision Cloud Defaults dialog, and are initially placed on the layer specified there. Unlike other CAD objects, they are not placed on the Current CAD Layer.

Once created, Revision Clouds can be selected and edited much like other closed-polyline based objects. Unlike other closed polylines, however, the edges of a Revision Cloud can only be seen when it is selected. When it is not selected, only the arcs along its perimeter are visible.

The arcs along a Revision Cloud are not its actual edges and cannot be individually selected, although you can control their size and frequency. If you wish to individually edit the arcs, you need to convert it to a plain polyline.