Using the Round Pier and Square Pad Tools

Reference Number: KB-01182
Last Modified: July 8, 2021

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect PremierVertical SeparatorHome Designer Professional


Whenever I try to use the Round Pier or Square Pad tools, this message displays:

"Round Piers and Square Pads canonly be placed directly under a wall, and are meant to be placed under Foundation Walls acting as grade beams."

What am I doing wrong?


The Round Pier  and Square Pad  tools are designed specifically to place piers or pads under foundation walls and as a result, they cannot be used anywhere except under a wall.

If you need to place a pier or post in a location that is not under a wall, use the Slab  tool, Primitives (Available in Chief Architect Premier only), or one of the various Shapes located in the Library Browser , then customize the object's properties to your liking.