Displaying Door and Window Opening Indicators

Reference Number: KB-03150
Last Modified: October 13, 2022

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


How do I display door and window opening indicators in an elevation view? 
Opening indicators displayed for doors and windows on an elevation view


Opening indicators can be displayed when using the Vector View rendering technique by toggling the "Opening Indicators" layer on in the Layer Display Options or Active Layer Display Options side window.

Starting in X13, additional options relating to opening indicators can be defined on the Opening Indicators panel of the Window or Door Specification dialog.

To display opening indicators for doors and windows

  1. Navigate to 3D> Create Orthographic View , select an appropriate tool, such as the Cross Section/Elevation  tool, then click-and-drag towards a wall containing windows and/or doors.

  2. In the view that generates, navigate to Tools> Layer Settings> Display Options  from the menu or access the Active Layer Display Options  side window.

  3. Locate the "Opening Indicators" layer, place a check in the Disp column or Display checkbox, modify the Color, if desired, then click OK.

    Layer Display Options dialog with the Opening Indicators layer displayed

    Note: In X12 and prior program versions, sliding windows and doors, as well as hung windows, will not display opening indicators.

  4. For additional control of opening indicators in X13 and newer versions, select a window or door using the Select Objects tool, then click the Open Object  edit tool.

    You can also make the following modifications within the Default Settings for all windows in a given plan, or for specific door types.

  5. On the Opening Indicators panel of the Window or Door Specification dialog that displays:

    Opening Indicators panel of the Window Specification dialog

    • Adjust the Visibility of the opening indicator. Choose between Use Default, Hide, or Show.

    • Choose between Fixed Length or Relative Length for the Sliding Indicator Style.

      The style options are available for sliding, pocket, barn, and garage doors, as well as single hung, double hung, and sliding windows. Sliding indicator arrows display centered over all movable door panel(s) or window component(s).

      To learn more about the options underneath each style option, select the Help button at the bottom of the dialog to open your program's documentation.

    • Once all of your desired changes have been made, click OK.

    By default, opening indicators for hinged openings will point to the hinge side. To change this, you can uncheck the "Openings Indicators Point to Hinge Side" setting located in the General Plan Defaults in X13 and newer, or select the "Opening Indicators Point to Handle Side" preference located on the Architectural panel of the Preferences dialog in X12 and prior.