Home Design Ad — Michael Rust Architect

Chief Architect Home Design Software Ad

The home rendered in this ad is designed by Michael Rust, an architect from Chandler, Arizona, and Chief Architect customer. Michael Rust is The Organic Architect because of his philosophy that requires architectural design to promote harmony between human habitation and the natural world. Some call it green architecture. The Frank Lloyd Wright-influenced designs created by Michael Rust provide organically designed homes and buildings that have a relationship with the natural surroundings. Everything about the design, whether it's the windows, floors or furniture, relates to the surrounding environment. Michael believes sustainable design architecture must be a work of art—and at the same time—extremely practical. It must serve client needs; be in harmony with its site, climate, and cultural background; and have unique character appropriate to its purpose. The home is planned to begin construction soon.



Rendering of the Michael Rust Architect House Design