Room Planner Help

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2. Creating Rooms | 4. Adding & Editing Objects

3. Modifying Walls

The walls that define rooms can be moved, resized, and made either visible or invisible.


A selected wall can be edited in a variety of ways:

When two rooms are bumped together, their adjacent walls merge. If two rooms are touching and one of them is pulled away from the other, their common walls split into separate walls again.


A selection of doors and windows can be found in the Library . Search or browse to find one that meets your needs, then drag it into the drawing. Doors and windows will automatically snap into the nearest wall.

Doors and windows can be edited much like other objects. In addition, a selected door's Hinge Side and Swing Direction can be changed by tapping its edit buttons.

In addition, an entire wall can be specified as Visible or invisible in its specification dialog: tap the Information button. If a wall is made invisible, any doors or windows in it will be deleted.

2. Creating Rooms | 4. Adding & Editing Objects