Creating a Custom Picture, Painting, or Sign

Reference Number: KB-00007
Last Modified: June 16, 2016

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


How can I add a picture to the library so that I can display it on a desk or on a wall in my plan?


In Chief Architect, photographs, pictures, paintings,and signs can be created using custom materials. These materials are specified as Stretch to Fit so they do not tile repeatedly, and can be saved in the Library Browser for future use in any plan.

The exact procedure for doing this varies depending on the version of the program being used.

To add a picture to the Materials library

  1. Select View > Library Browser from the menu to open the Library Browser window.

  2. Navigate to the User Catalog folder, right-click once on User Catalog and select New> Material  from the menu that displays

  3. In the Define Material dialog, select the Texture panel. 

  • Under Texture Source, click on the Browse button to display the Select Texture File dialog.  Navigate on your computer to the image file that you would like to add to the library, click on it to select it, then click the Open button to close the dialog and return to the Define Material dialog.

  • Type a Material Name for your new material.

  • Check the box beside Stretch to Fit on the Texture panel.

  • Make any other desired changes.

  • Click OK to close the dialog and add your new material to the library.

  • To display the material in a frame

    1. Browse to Chief Architect Core Catalogs> Interiors> Accessories> Mirrors & Frames in the Library Browser.

    2. Choose either a desk frame or a wall frame that suits your needs, click on it to select it, then move your cursor into the drawing area.  The cursor will display the Furnishings (Interior) icon.

    3. Click once to place the frame at that location in your plan.

      • Place a desk frame on a desk or table and its height will automatically adjust so that it sits on top of the furniture.

      • Place a wall frame against a wall and it will snap to the wall surface.

    4. Click on the frame to select it, then click the Open Object edit button.

    5. On the Materials panel of the Furniture Specification dialog, look for and click on a word like Painting, Picture, Photo or Image, then click the Select Material button.

    6. In the Select Material dialog, browse to the User Catalog folder, click on your new material, then click OK to close the dialog.

    7. Click OK to close the Furniture Specification dialog.

    8. Select 3D> Create Perspective View> Full Camera from the menu to see the results.