Adding Special Characters to Text

Reference Number: KB-00069
Last Modified: August 29, 2022

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


How can I place special characters in my text, such as the degrees (°) symbol? 


There are several ways to add special characters to your text. In this article we will cover a few of them. 

To insert special characters in Chief Architect

  1. Select CAD> Text> Rich Text Rich Text icon from the menu.

  2. Click anywhere in your plan to place the text object and open the Rich Text Specification dialog.

    Special characters can also be added to standard text.

  3. In the Rich Text Specification dialog, click the Insert Macro button.

  4. Select Global> Special Characters to expose a list of special characters available for insert.

    The special characters menu

  5. Select a character to insert it at your cursor's current position.

To insert special characters with the Windows Character Map

  1. On the keyboard, press Windows Key Windows key icon + R to open the Run dialog.

  2. Type in charmap and click OK to open the Character Map.

  3. Check the box next to Advanced view, type the name of the character you want to use in the Search for field, then click Search.

    Searching for a character in the Character map

  4. Click on the character that you want to use, then click the Select button.

  5. Click the Copy button to copy the character, then Paste it into your desired text object.

    Note: Symbols and text can be easily pasted into Chief Architect by pressing Ctrl+V on a Windows-based machine.

To insert special characters with the Character Viewer on macOS

  1. In a Chief Architect plan or layout file, Open  the text object that you would like to add a special character to.

  2. Navigate to Edit> Emoji & Symbols to open the Character Viewer.

    The Character Viewer can also be opened by pressing fn+E or Control+Command+Space bar on the keyboard.

  3. Click on the Expand/Collapse  button located in the top right corner to expand the Character Viewer.

  4. Use the Search field or browse the various categories to locate the character that you would like to use.

    Searching for degree in the macOS Character Viewer

  5. Double-click on a character to insert it into the text object.