Creating a Flat Parapet Roof

Reference Number: KB-00295
Last Modified: June 21, 2017

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


How do I create a flat roof structure with parapet walls? 


To create a flat roof structure with parapet walls

  1. Launch Chief Architect and create a new plan by selecting File> New Plan  from the menu.  

  2. Select Build> Wall> Straight Exterior Wall  and draw four walls in a clockwise manner to make a simple enclosed rectangular structure.  

  3. Next, select Build> Floor> Build New Floor  from the menu to open the New Floor dialog.  

  4. In the New Floor dialog, choose Make new blank plan for the 2nd Floor, and click OK.  

    This will also display the Floor 2 Defaults dialog, which allows you to enter 36" into the Finished Ceiling (F) value, then click OK.   

  5. Next, with Floor 2 active , select Tools> Reference Floors> Reference Floor Display , or press the F9 hotkey keyboard shortcut to see how the second floor relates to the first.  

  6. Select Build> Wall> Straight Half-Wall  and draw four half walls in a clockwise manner directly on top of the reference for the first floor walls to make a simple enclosed rectangular structure.

  7. Select each wall, choose the Open Object  edit button and on the Wall Types panel of the Railing Specification Dialog, change the wall type to Siding-6.

  8. Click OK once this change has been made. 

    The half walls should snap directly to the reference display lines of the first floor walls, however, if you select a half wall and it is not aligned properly, select the Align with Wall Below edit tool. 

Defining the second floor parapet room:

  1. Click the Select Objects  tool and double-click in the middle of the second floor room to open the Room Specification dialog.  

  2. In the Room Specification dialog, on the Structure panel:  

    • Notice that the Ceiling Height is set to 36"

    • Uncheck Ceiling Over This Room and Roof Over This Room.

    • Select the Edit button next to Floor Finish (K) and change the material to your preference.

      For the purposes of this example, we used one of the Asphalt materials.

  3. Select the Materials panel, select Walls and choose an appropriate wall covering for the interior walls 

  4. Click the OK button to close the Room Specification dialog and apply these changes.  

  5. Next, take a Perspective Full Camera  view to see your Flat Roof Parapet Wall Structure.