Turning off the Display of Layout Box Labels

Reference Number: KB-00327
Last Modified: February 7, 2022

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


There is text underneath all the views that I've sent to my layout that indicates the floor or camera names. How do I turn off the display of these layout box labels?


Layout box labels display basic information about the original view in the plan. For example, a floor plan view sent to a layout from Floor 1 may have an automatic label that says “1st Floor”. A camera view sent to a layout may have a label that states the camera’s name. Layout box labels have their own edit handles and can be customized to include text as well as Object Specific Text Macros.

To turn off all layout box labels using the Default Settings*

*Applies to X14 and newer program versions

  1. With a layout active, select Edit> Default Settings Default Settings tool icon.

  2. Click on the Layout Box category, then click the Edit button.

  3. On the Label panel of the Layout Box Defaults dialog that displays, check the Suppress Label box.

    Suppress Label checkbox selected in Layout Box Defaults

  4. Click OK and Done.

  5. New views that are sent from a plan file will not display a layout box label.

    Note: This setting is not dynamic, meaning it will not apply to pre-existing layout boxes that have already been sent to a layout file. To hide labels for pre-existing layout boxes, please refer to one of the article sections mentioned below.

To turn off the display of all layout box labels using layers

  1. With the layout active, select Tools> Layer Settings> Display Options  to display the Layout Page Display Options dialog.

  2. Locate the Layout Box Labels layer, then remove the check from the Disp column or the Display checkbox when the layer is selected.

    Layout Page Display Options dialog window. Checkmark in Disp column for Layout Box Labels layer is unchecked

  3. Click OK.

If you don't ever want to see the display of layout box labels, you may want to set up your custom template to have this feature turned off by default in all of your future layouts. See the Related Articles section below for information on setting up a template for your layouts.

If you want to turn off the display of a specific layout box label, you can do this as well.

To turn off the display of specific layout box labels

  1. Select the layout box in question and click on the Open Object  edit tool.

    In X14 and newer program versions, multiple layout boxes can be selected and edited simultaneously.

  2. In the Layout Box Specification dialog, select the Label panel, then check the Suppress Label box.

    Layout Box Specification dialog, Label Panel selected, Checkmark box clicked next to Suppress Label

  3. Click OK to apply the change.