Creating Expansion Joints in a Sidewalk

Reference Number: KB-00341
Last Modified: July 16, 2015

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Chief Architect Premier


When I draw a sidewalk using the Sidewalk tool, it is created as a continuous slab.  I would like to know how to create a sidewalk with expansion joints.


To model expansion joints in a sidewalk, create a single section of sidewalk and then replicate it with small gaps in between each section.

To create a sidewalk with expansion joints

  1. Select Terrain> Create Terrain Perimeter from the menu to create a terrain perimeter in which terrain can be generated.

  2. Select Terrain> Sidewalk> Straight Sidewalk  from the menu, then click and drag to draw the first section of sidewalk. 

  3. Using  Open Object to open the Terrain Path Specification dialog you can adjust the Width under the General panel and the length under the Selected Line panel.  Or you can use Manual Dimension  lines to adjust the sidewalk section so that its length is the desired distance between expansion joints.  

  4. With the Select Objects  tool active, select the sidewalk and click the Transform/Replicate Object  edit button. 

  5. In the Transform/Replicate Object dialog:  


    • Check the box beside Copy, then specify the number of copies that you would like to make.
    • Check the box beside Move, then specify the interval at which you would like copies to be made, and along which delta.

      If, for example, your sidewalk section is 47 1/4" long and you would like 3/4" expansion joints, the Move value would be 48"

    • Select the X Delta to make copies to the left or right, or select the Y Delta to make copies up or down on your monitor. 

    • Click OK to close the dialog and make copies of the sidewalk at the specified intervals. 

  6. An alternative method of copying the sidewalk section uses the Multiple Copy  edit button instead of the Transform/Replicate Object edit button.

    • Click the Multiple Copy Interval  button to open the Multiple Copy dialog and specify the Primary Offset value for General Objects, then click OK.

    • With the sidewalk section selected, use the Move edit handle to drag it in the direction you would like to make copies of the sidewalk section.

    • When you have the desired number of copies, simply release the mouse button.