Setting the Print Scale

Reference Number: KB-00651
Last Modified: July 15, 2021

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


When I try to print my plan file, the Drawing Scale is set at 1/4" = 1'. I would like the scale to be something different. How do I change this?  

If you have already sent a view to your layout file at a specific scale, and are printing from the layout, the Drawing Scale should remain at a 1:1 scale, and should not be changed.


When the Print View dialog is opened, the scale can be seen, but cannot be changed. To change the Drawing Scale in a plan file, access the Drawing Sheet Setup dialog.

To set the Drawing Scale for a plan file

  1. While in a plan, select File> Print> Drawing Sheet Setup .

  2. In the Drawing Sheet Setup dialog that opens, specify your desired Drawing Scale, then click OK.

    Drawing Scale can be located in the Drawing Sheet Setup dialog

  3. Select File> Save to save the changes with the current plan.

  4. When you're ready to print, select File> Print> Print .

  5. In the Print View dialog that opens, make sure the To Scale radio button is selected under the Drawing Scale heading, and that the scale you specified in Step 2 above is listed.

    Select the To Scale option under the Drawing Scale heading

  6. You can now click Print to print your plan to scale, or click Save As PDF to create a scaled PDF file.

To learn more about printing at a specific scale in Chief Architect, navigate to Help> Launch Help in your program, and search: Printing to Scale.