Troubleshooting Printing Issues

Reference Number: KB-00085
Last Modified: March 30, 2017

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


I am having trouble printing my plan. An error message displays, the program seems to hang, or nothing at all happens. How can I resolve these types of problems?


Many printing problems can be resolved by reinstalling the printer driver, setting your default printer, or printing to PDF instead.

To troubleshoot printing errors

  1. First, save your work and exit out of Chief Architect completely, then check to make sure that your computer meets the System Requirements for your version of Chief Architect.

    If your computer is not running a supported operating system, or otherwise does not meet the system requirements for your version, please install on to an alternate compatible computer that does meet or exceed them.

    If your computer does meet the system requirements for your version, please continue on to the next troubleshooting step.

  2. Second, download and install the most recent driver for your printer from its manufacturer's website.

    Some common printer/plotter manufacturer websites include:

    Only install drivers which state that they are compatible with your version of Windows or Mac OS.

    If you cannot locate a valid printer driver that is compatible with your operating system, please contact the printer or plotter manufacturer directly for assistance.

  3. Once your updated printer driver is installed, restart your computer, open Chief Architect, and then Open Open Plan the plan or layout file that you experienced trouble printing.

  4. Before you try to print again, it is extremely important to select File> Print> Clear Printer Info.

  5. After clearing the printer info, select File> Print> Drawing Sheet Drawing Sheet Setup setup.

    Set the Drawing Sheet Orientation to either Portrait or Landscape as needed.

    Set the page Size from the drop-down menu.

    Verify the Drawing Margins.

    When printing from a layout, make sure that the Drawing Scale is set at 1:1.

    By default, the Advanced Line Weight options should not have the Home Designer compatibility option checked, and the Line Weight value should be set to 1 = 1/100mm.

    Click OK to apply any desired changed.

  6. Now, select View> Drawing Sheet Drawing Sheet to show the drawing sheet on screen.

    A blue border represents the margins of the printable area. If the margins have been set to populate from the selected printer, this border may not display on all edges of the drawing sheet.

    When selected at its border the sheet has edit handles, allowing it to be moved.

    You can also resize the sheet using its edit handles; however, for best results, it is recommended that you instead select an available sheet size in the Drawing Sheet Setup dialog.

    Dimension lines can locate the edges of the sheet and can be used to position other objects relative to it.

    The drawing sheet cannot be rotated or copied.

    After you have completed making any needed changes to the Drawing Sheet, select View> Drawing Sheet Drawing Sheet again to toggle this feature back off.

  7. Next, select File> Print> Print Preview Print Preview for an on-screen representation of how the current view will appear when printed.

    When Print Preview is on, the Drawing Sheet and line weights are displayed, and the toggle buttons for the Drawing Sheet and Line Weights are overridden.

    Objects such as camera symbols, CAD points, and the Snap and Reference Grids that do not print also will not display in Print Preview.

    Text and dimension objects appear on-screen as they will on the printed page.

    When Print Preview is enabled, color will display depending on whether Print in Color is selected in the Print View dialog.

    The Reference Display does print if it is visible.

  8. After verifying that everything looks as expected in the Print Preview, now you can select File> Print> Print Print and attempt to print your view again, making sure to double check to make certain that the printer or plotter name you want to print to is the one which is displayed in the Print dialog.

If you continue to experience trouble printing, and you have more than one printer associated with your system, then you may need to delete any printers no longer accessible as well as set the desired printer as your default.

To set the printer or plotter as your default

For instructions on this process, please see the documentation for your operating system.

Finally, if your printer still will not print to your physical printer or plotter successfully, try printing to a PDF file.

To print to a PDF file

  1. In Chief Architect X6 and newer versions, in the Print View dialog, under the Destination Name, use the drop-down menu to select Save As PDF. 

    In Chief Architect X5 and earlier versions, if you do not already have a PDF printer installed, see the Related Articles section below.

  2. If you are able to print to PDF successfully, try printing the PDF file to your printer.

    If the PDF will not print correctly to your printer either, please contact your printer manufacturer for continued troubleshooting instructions.


If none of these instructions resolve the printing issue, please contact Technical Services directly via the online Support Center and include:

  1. A detailed description of the problem and exact steps to reproduce it.

  2. A screenshot of the error message if one displays.

  3. A backup of the entire layout/plan encountering the issue.

  4. The software's Message Log.

  5. The computer's System Information