Changing the Height of a Retaining Wall

Reference Number: KB-00652
Last Modified: July 13, 2017

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I would like to change the height of a retaining wall that I have in my plan. How is this done? 

exterior view of stone retaining wall


The height of a retaining wall is initially determined by the heights of the terrain on either side of the wall. Once a retaining wall is created, though, its height can be easily changed by selecting it in a 3D view.

To change the height of a retaining wall

  1. Open the plan in which you would like to add a retaining wall, or create a new plan by selecting File> New Plan .

  2. To add a retaining wall, you must first have a terrain perimeter on your plan. From the menu, select Terrain> Create Terrain Perimeter .

  3. Next, draw a retaining wall by selecting from the menu Terrain> Terrain Wall and Curb> Straight Retaining Wall and then clicking and dragging in floor plan view.

  4. Select 3D> Create Orthographic View> Cross Section/Elevation , and then click and drag the camera toward the retaining wall to create a cross section/elevation view of the retaining wall. While a retaining wall can be edited in any 3D view, adjusting the height is often easiest and most accurately done in a cross section/elevation view.

  5. Click on the wall near the top edge to select it and display its edit handles.

    • Notice the move handle in the center of the top edge, as well as the temporary dimension indicating the height.

    • Click on the Move handle and drag the wall's top edge to the desired height.

    • You can also use the Break Line edit tool to create breaks to create a stepped retaining wall.