Creating a Landing Between Two Sets of Stairs

Reference Number: KB-00756
Last Modified: June 29, 2016

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


I would like to draw two staircases and connect them with a landing. How do I accomplish this?


There are different ways to create a stair landing in Chief Architect. The quickest is to use the Straight Stairs tool to create two runs of stairs then click to place a landing between them.

To create a landing using the Straight Stairs tool

  1. Select Build> Stairs> Straight Stairs from the menu, then click and drag to create the first section of the stairs.

  2. Release the mouse button at the approximate location where you would like this stair section to join the landing.

  3. With the Straight Stairs tool still selected, click and drag to create the second, higher stair section.

    • Begin at the approximate location where this stair section will meet the landing.

    • Leave an appropriate gap for the landing.

    Note: When the landing is generated, the two stairs segments will move to connect the landing squarely, it is important to not only leave an adequate gap for the landing to generate, but also make sure the two segments are not too far apart.

  4. With the Straight Stairs tool still active, place your cursor in the area between the end of the first landing and the beginning of the second and click once.

  5. The program will create a landing between the two stair sections at a logical height and will make slight adjustments to the stair locations, if needed, to produce a finished result.

  6. Click on one of the stair sections to select it, then click the Auto Stairwell edit button. The program will create an opening in the ceiling above the staircase, allowing access to the floor above.

    The Auto Stairwell tool actually creates a room directly above the staircase that is defined by Railings and is specified as Open Below in the Room Specification dialog. You will receive an error if you attempt to create a stairwell when there is no floor above.