Creating Custom Muntins

Reference Number: KB-00930
Last Modified: January 10, 2020

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


I would like to design my own custom muntins for the glazing of a window or door. How can I do this?

sample picture of a muntin window


Custom muntins are created by drawing their pattern using the CAD tools, blocking the pattern to create a CAD block, and then selecting the window and clicking on the Load Muntins edit button.

To create custom muntins

  1. First, launch Chief Architect and Open the plan in which you would like to create your custom muntins or window lites.

  2. Next, select 3D> Create Orthographic View> Cross Section/Elevation to create a view of the wall the window or door is in and Zoom  in on the window or glass door.

    creating an orthographic view of your window

  3. Use the CAD> Lines> Draw Line and CAD> Arcs> Draw Arc tools to design the desired muntins.

    Try to make them start and end as close to the edge of the glass as possible.

    Keep in mind that you will want to use two arcs to create a full circle. 

  4. When the muntin design is complete, group-select all lines and arcs by using the Select Objects tool to select one line or arc, and then hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and click on the additional lines/arcs to select them.

    using cad lines to draw your muntin design

    • Once you have all the lines/arcs selected, click the Make CAD Block edit button. 

  5. Select the CAD block that was just created and click the Copy/Paste  edit tool.

  6. Select the Reflect About  edit tool. Once you click this, a gray dashed line will follow your cursor. When the line meets up with the center of the window vertically, click your cursor and the CAD block will be reflected in the window.

    grouping together your cad lines into a block

  7. Select the window, or door, and click the Load Muntins edit button to convert the CAD block into custom muntins.

    cad block turned into muntins

There are also pre-made CAD blocks available for you to use to create Muntins in the Core Library. Go to Architectural> Windows> Custom Muntins to see the selection.

Note: The Load Muntins tool must be used separately on each window and door.