Creating shortcuts to and copies of library objects

Reference Number: KB-03015
Last Modified: June 15, 2016

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


How do I create a user library folder to hold my custom library objects?


A User Catalog folder is created when the software is installed.  Custom objects can be created and added to your User Catalog for use later while working in the current plan, and also, while working on other plans.

If the Library Browser is not currently displayed, from the top menu select View> Library Browser; or alternatively, press Ctrl+L on your keyboard to bring up the Library Browser.


To add an object to the User Catalog

In this example the cabinet created in Designing Cabinet Fronts is used.  For more information see Knowledge Base article under the Related Articles section at the end of this article.

  1. Select your customized cabinet using the Select Objects  tool.

  2. With your customized cabinet selected, click on the Add to Library tool located in the edit tool bar at the bottom of the screen.

    An entry has been created in your User Catalog for the new custom cabinet.

  3. Right click on this new entry and select Rename to give this cabinet a descriptive name of your choosing.

To add more folders

If you will be creating different types of custom objects, you may want to keep them organized into folders.  For example, you may want all customized cabinets together in a folder called 'Cabinets' or Mulled Door and Window units together in a folder named 'Front Doors' for example.

  1. To create these new folders (or sub-folders) right click on User Catalog.

  2. Mouse over and select New>  Folder.

  3. A new folder will be created.  Type in a descriptive name for this new folder.

Folders can be created inside of each other by right-clicking on the folder name, mouse over and select New> Folder to create a new sub-folder inside of a previously created folder.

To move items into new folders

Once your new folder is created, simply drag and drop your custom object onto your folder and it will be moved into this folder.

  1. Another option is to right click on your custom object, select Cut from the menu,

  2. Then right click on the folder where you want it and select Paste.

To create User Catalog items directly

To add a custom Backdrop, Image, Material, Plant Image or 3D Symbol, you can import them into your User Catalog folder directly.  For example, this is how to add a custom Backdrop.

  1. With your Library Browser displayed, right click on the User Catalog folder.

  2. Mouse over then select New> Backdrop.

  3. Browse to the location where the desired image file resides on your computer, select it and click Open.

  4. Specify any additional information relating to your custom item in the specification dialog that opens next.

Note:  Plant Image is not available in Chief Architect Interiors

To add shortcuts to frequently used items

Instead of having to find frequently used fixtures, appliances, color palettes and other items residing in the Chief Architect Core Catalogs, you can put shortcuts to these items in your User Catalog.   A Shortcut to an object is different than making a copy of an object.  Shortcuts take up much less space on your computer.

  1. Find the frequently used item in the Core Catalog.

  2. Right click on the item and select Copy from the menu.

  3. Then, either on the User Catalog folder or on a folder inside of User Catalog, right click the folder name and select Paste Shortcut.

To find where an item resides in the Core Catalog

  1. To locate where an object was in the original Core Catalog, Right Click on the shortcut.

  2. Choose Locate Shortcut Source to display the original location of this object in the Core Catalog.

To copy items into the User Catalog

In addition to being able to Paste a Shortcut into your User Catalog, you can also make a copy of the object by using Paste instead of Paste Shortcut.  There are some differences between making a copy of the object using Paste and making a shortcut to the object using Paste Shortcut.  Making copies using Paste will increase the size of your User Catalog making it more difficult to back up your User Catalog or move it to another computer.  One benefit of using Paste to make a copy of the object in your User Catalog is that you can modify the object and change some or all of the specifications relating to that object. 

  1. Find the item you need to modify in the Core Catalog

  2. Right click on the item and select Copy from the menu

  3. Then, either on the User Catalog folder or on a folder inside of User Catalog, right click the folder name and select Paste.

  4.  To modify the object, right click on the object and select either Open Object  or Open Symbol