Adding a CAD Object, CAD Detail, or Text to the Library

Reference Number: KB-00002
Last Modified: January 9, 2020

The information in this article applies to:

Chief Architect Premier or Chief Architect Interiors


I have a CAD detail, a single CAD object, or a text box that I would like to be able to use in more than one plan. How do I add these to the library for future use? 


Although the Add to Library edit button isn't available when selecting text boxes or CAD objects using the Select Objects tool, you can create a CAD Block that can be added to the User Library, even if it only consists of a single object.

To create a CAD block and add it to the library

  1. Using the Select Objects Select Objects icon tool, click and drag a selection marquee around a CAD object, a CAD detail, a text box, or multiple CAD/text based items.

    Drawing a selection marquee

  2. Once you have marquee selected the object(s), click the Make CAD Block Make CAD Block icon edit button to convert your selection to a CAD block.

    Selected CAD block

    If you do not see the Make CAD Block edit button, then check to make sure your detail does not contain any architectural objects. Only CAD, images, text, and dimensions can be converted into a CAD block.

  3. With the newly created CAD block selected, click on the Add to Library  edit button to add it to the User Catalog.

    In X12 and newer program versions, the Find Original in Library Find Original in Library tool icon edit tool can be used to find the CAD block in the library if it has been previously added.

  4. You can now right-click on the block located in the User Catalog and choose Rename to give it its own unique name.

  5. If you find in the future that you need to make modifications to the components within the block after you have placed it from the library, simply place it in the plan, select it and click on the Explode CAD Block  edit tool to allow for editing.