Exporting Wall Framing for Use With an EasyFrame (EZF) Saw System

Reference Number: KB-03161
Last Modified: March 17, 2022

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I use the EasyFrame saw system developed by EstiFrame Technologies, Inc to mark and cut all of my wall framing. Is it possible to export my wall framing from a Chief Architect Plan to a file format that would be compatible with this saw system?


Starting in Chief Architect Premier X14, wall framing located in a Chief Architect Plan file can be exported to an .EZF file format, which is compatible with the EasyFrame saw system.

To export wall framing to an .EZF file format

  1. Open  the plan that you would like to export wall framing from.

  2. If wall framing has not yet been generated, navigate to Build> Framing> Build Framing  from the menu, select the Wall panel in the Build Framing dialog that displays, place a check in the Build Wall Framing box, then click OK.

    Build Framing dialog with Build Wall Framing checked

    Note: You can also generate framing for individual walls if you wish. To do so, select your desired wall using the Select Objects tool, then click on the Build Framing for Selected Object(s) edit tool.

  3. Wall framing can be exported in two different ways, depending on what framing you would like to export.

    • Navigate to File> Export> Export All Wall Framing to EasyFrame (EZF)  to export all wall framing generated in the plan. 

    • Select one or more walls, then click on the Export Selected Wall Framing to EasyFrame (EZF) edit tool to only export framing for the selected wall(s). 

  4. In the Export to EasyFrame dialog that appears:

    Export to EasyFrame dialog

    • Select a Buy List from the Allowed Board Lengths drop-down. Add , Edit , Rename  , and Delete  options are also available for Buy Lists in this dialog.

    • Boards that are too long to be cut from available lengths can be exported but they are not included in the export by default. Click on a line item to select it, then click in the Export Anyway column to add a check and include it in the export.

      You can also click on the Include All button to add checks in the Export Anyway column for all line items.

      If all boards are within the specified limits, it will say so within this section.

      Framing in curved walls cannot be exported to EasyFrame. Additionally, framing that is not orthogonal to the direction of its parent wall cannot be exported. If one or more walls in the plan are curved or contain non-orthogonal framing members, a message will display in the Export to EasyFrame dialog mentioning that the framing member(s) will not exported.

    • Once you're ready to export your wall framing, click OK. If any excluded boards are listed in this dialog when you click OK, a message will display asking if you want to continue. Click Continue to proceed with the export.

  5. The Save EasyFrame File dialog will appear next. Choose a location to save the file to, specify your desired File name, then click Save.