Product Documentation

You can download the Reference Manual, Tutorial Guide, and other documentation PDFs here. We also provide a large collection of help and how-to articles and videos as a supplement to this essential software documentation.

X8 Reference Manual

The Reference Manual provides a description of all tools and settings throughout the program, laid out in a logical manner that reflects the best practices recommended by Chief Architect Training.

Reference Manual

X8 User's Guide

The User's Guide is a series of step-by-step, illustrated tutorials that introduce both best practices in Chief Architect and specific drawing techniques for accomplishing important tasks.

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User's Guide

X8 Download and Installation Guide

The Download and Installation Guide provides step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting tips for downloading, installing, and activating Chief Architect.

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X8 Migration Guide

The Migration Guide has been written to help our upgrading customers make a smooth transition from earlier versions of Chief Architect.

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X8 Changelog

The Changelog is a comprehensive list of fixes and new features introduced in Chief Architect X8.

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X8 Update Notes

The Update Notes document is a list of changes that went into each minor revision of Chief Architect X8.

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X8 Viewer Reference Manual

The Viewer Reference Manual provides a description of Chief Architect Viewer, a program used to view and add commentary to Chief Architect drawings.

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X8 Academic Deployment Guide

The Academic Deployment Guide provides instructions for installing Chief Architect in an academic environment.

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