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Download a Free Trial Version of Chief Architect.

Program Updates

To find out whether an update is available for your version of Chief Architect, select Help> Download Program Updates from the program menu.

For prior version program updates, visit our Program Update Archive page.

Library Downloads

Please visit the Catalog and Content Resources page for additional content from the Chief Architect 3D Library.

Some content may require Support and Software Assurance (SSA).

Chief Architect Viewer

If you use the latest version of Chief Architect Premier and would like to send a copy of your design to a client, you can send them the Chief Architect Viewer.

This allows them to open any design created in the latest version of Chief Architect Premier and make simple annotations without modifying the original design.


Many software problems can be solved by installing the most current drivers for hardware – including hardware locks, printers, and video cards. Listed below are links to sites for some of the hardware manufacturers that you are likely to be using.

Hardware Lock

If you are uncertain which type of lock you have, read our Online Help Database Article #569. This article also provides a link to the drivers listed above, and contains additional steps for downloading and installing the driver. Very often the driver download and installation will resolve issues where the lock is not being detected.

Printer Drivers

Drivers for 3rd party hardware such as printers should be downloaded from the manufacturer.

Video Drivers
It is important to always check with your system's manufacturer before downloading drivers for your video card as installing driver's from other sources may void your computer's warranty.