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Chief Architect personal training

Personal Training is a quick and cost effective solution for your design challenges. It is intended for users who are having difficulty understanding specific design processes or who have a particular plan they are in need of help with. Personal Training gives you the opportunity to work one-on-one with a Chief Architect, Inc. Certified Trainer. Use your Personal Training time to fine-tune your drawing skills with Chief Architect; all the while, learning tips and tricks the experts use.

How It Works: Schedule your training session, then using your web browser, you will work interactively to resolve your plan questions and fill your training needs. Communication is handled using VOIP (voice-over-internet-protocol) or telephone. Personal Training via the internet permits you and your instructor to observe each other's screens and interact with each other in real time. You will walk together through the solutions that are specific to your design needs. Minimal setup is required. Personal training time can be purchased in 1-hour, 5-hour and 10-hour packages. Try an hour, practice what you've learned and schedule more time later as you need.

For further details, or to set up an appointment, contact our Training Department at 208-292-3400 or e-mail All training times are available on a first come, first served basis. Due to the popularity of this service, it is recommended that you schedule at least one week in advance to ensure availability.

Personal Trainer Price SSA Discount* SSA Price
1 Hour $125 $125
5 Hour package $625 10% $562.50
10 Hour package $1,250 20% $1,000
* SSA members receive discounts on packages. Learn more about SSA.

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