Bachelor View Project

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Bachelor View Walkthrough

Walk through the finished Bachelor View Project

Video No. 129



Bachelor View Project Time Lapse

Watch the Bachelor View house designed in Time Lapse

Video No. 126



Floor Plan for the Bachelor View Project

Project begins with creating a Template Plan and Layout. Draw the exterior walls to create the floor plan with dimensions. Discuss how to use space planning boxes for the project. Using a Save Plan View for the floor plan view (layer sets and default settings), send a scaled view to a layout for the construction drawings.

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Designing a Flat Roof Using a Template and the Manual Roof Tools for the Bachelor View Project

Automatic Roofs controlling the roofs with individual walls, creating a template guide and drawing a manual flat roof plane

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Foundation and Daylight Basement on a Slopped Lot for the Bachelor View Project

Foundation with a Daylight basement. Furred foundation walls. Stepped Foundation for a slopped lot. Foundation and Floor Plan for construction drawings when the floors co-exist.

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Creating Rooms and Defining the Ceilings for the Bachelor View Project

Adding Interior Walls for the Rooms. Defining Ceilings for Vaults, Shed, Trey and Coffered

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Doors & Windows Using Posts and Beams for the Bachelor View Project

Post and Beam Windows. Stacked Windows and Shed Roof Windows. Folding Patio Stacker Doors, Garage Door with Asymmetric Windows

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Stair Styles, Walls for Stairs with a Head Height Cross Section for the Bachelor View Project

U Stair and L Stair option. Walls Under Stairs, Over Stairs and a Half Height Walls for Stairs. Stairwell with a Head Height Cross Section

Video No. 123



Kitchen Remodel for the Bachelor View Project

Bachelor View Kitchen Remodel. Vaulting the ceiling. Adding large post and beam windows. New cabinets and wall elevation details. Creating client options using the Style Palette.

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Master Wing for the Bachelor View Project

Master Wing Remodel. Master Bath remodel. New addition for the bathroom. Converting a bedroom into an office. Creating a Trey Ceiling for an office. Vaulting the master bedroom ceiling with new post and beam windows. Roof options for the remodel. Framing the new additional and calculating the Materials List for the remodel.

Video No. 119



Large One-Story Deck with Spiral Stairs and Custom Columns for the Bachelor View Project

Forming the Deck with a Railing. Placing Spiral Stairs. Review the Deck Room Settings. Framing the Deck – Automatic & Manual. Creating Custom Deck Columns. Calculation the Deck Materials List

Video No. 125



Terrain & Site Plan for the Bachelor View Project

Creating the Site Plan. Using an imported lot image to shape the terrain, Importing Terrain Image, terrain Map, Adding Elevation Data, adding Landscape Items, landscape architectural block, slopped lot, terrain contours, sea-level terrain

Video No. 124

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